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Have just returned from working as an official at my Corps Ski Championships. Whilst inspecting the course to ensure it was safe for competitors I fell and ruptured my patteler tendon, ruptured my ACL and PCL. I have just had surgery for the patteler tendon and now imobilsed in Quarter. Have been told I will have the ACL operation once the Knee is fixed and rehab completed. They will then carry out the ACL as full range of movement is required for rehab to have the best success. As for the PCL they are saying that they probably will not bother. I have the following questions that I hope someone will be able to shed some light on.

1. I am due posting in June and was taking a slot in Portugal however this is a non deployable post so will p7 stop this.

2. The other option is SHAPE in Belgium. This has a good Americian hospital on camp with good rehab again non deployable could this be a option.

3. I have been left with a Scar about 30cm long on my leg and the possability of only ever getting back to P3(LE) with stiffness and possible arthiritis later in life. Seeing as I was working on a military exercise would I be allowed to claim Armed Forces Compensation for the pain, possible near year out of my career etc. If yes then who d i speak to about this.

Any help or answers on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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You don't state your present medical category, although I suspect it will be P7 (Home only). That rather rules out 1 & 2 until you are upgraded. Sorry. People can stay in Germany P7, but posting abroad from the UK whilst downgraded P7 is a bit of a no-no.

As to 3, I'm unsure about compensation nowadays. Frankly it sounds unlikely. I thought it was still essentially a case of you suing the MOD if there was negligence on their part (was there?). You would be entitled to a war pension on retiring from the Forces if you could demonstrate continuing disability. Someone else might have a clearer idea on the financial aspects.

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Thanks very much. I think they did away with the war pension thing and brought out Armed Forces Compensation Scheme or something like that. Though not to sure.

Does anyone know a rough time frame to get upgraded. I realise everyone is different etc but what would be a time frame for those 3 injurys. Say 6 months or 1 year or never would be of some use.

Thanks in advance.
Time is very much dependent on you and your own personal road to recovery. Some are quick, some not so! Speak to your MO for a quick appraisal on time!

Sounds almost like mine, I had a slow speed fall skiing in 2004 (New Years Day 2004) and dislocated the left knee. Rupturing all 4 of the crutchet ligaments, and damaging the left hand side of the joint.

First op they repaired the lateral CL and replaced the ACL and PCL, that didnt work too well and they streched so the next op they broke the lower knee platau off the Fib and Tib, reangled it so I would walk on a different bit of cartalige, used an inch of bone from my fib to wedge the new angle in place and then gave me a new medial ligament and tightend up the other 3.

Every time I see my MO he looks at me like I am mad when I ask about an upgrade. I'm still P7 (AFAIK) and he has said that to be upgraded I will have to go before an Army Medical board. And then he isnt sure how high they will upgrade me to.

If you get a chance to go to Headly Court then do it as the solid rehab they give you there is second to none and will really help you on the road to recovery.

My last op was in April 2006, and I am just learning how to run again. 10 mins max on a machine before the wasted muscles in the hip and plevis give up.

Good luck!
Been there, done it, got the badge.

Can't help much with the medical bits but I can tell you that you should be eligible for compensation as long as you were on duty. I have recently left the Army and was able to claim under the War Pension scheme (AFCS should be the same).

£8334 TYVM.

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Guys thanks very much for the info. Will be trying my hardest to get Headly court as I do not wish to have to give up my Skiing, Kitesurfing and all the other fun stuff I do. Have been in since I was 16 and now 34 and my first injury in my career. I really hope it does not leave me behind a desk unable to deploy and take part in sports as this is what has been keeping me in the Army all this time. Maybee my days of 8m45s BFT/PFT/BPFA are over. :cry:
Christ on a bike posted to sodding Portugal with WHO 8O :?
Is it open to all :?
I also notice a lot of non deployable statements is it cos you ski :x :wink:
Im recovering from a nasty bike accident but was allready p3 :x
as for headley court fantastic it really was brilliant hard work but worth it :D
done rehab in NI also just not upto the same standard :(
And as soon as I get dragged in by the med centre for my pulheems being 3 months overdue im sure ill be of to rehab in germany so i can tell you what thats like to :D :wink:

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Yeah I am afraid the post is for IT Geeks. I was quite fortunate in the sense that I had got through my tour in Iraq and had been back for 4 weeks. No one could wuite believe I got through the tour and then injured myself on exercise ah well. The problem with my trade is that unless you take a desk type job in Portugal/Mons/PJHQ then most of the posts are in the field most of the year round and OPs. My main issue maybee what physio there are in this location once I have had my second operation.

Many thanks for everyones input