P7 CPND (Geo) - End of TA "Career"?

I've been P7 for the past 3 years and not allowed to play soldiers (nasty virus from the sandpit) - had my med board and have been labelled P7 CPND (Geo) on an annually renewable basis.

As a junior TA officer this has had major effects on my TA career as I've been turned away from career courses and regular training - and now can only deploy to Western Europe and North America (on approval only).

The NHS conducted all the investigations and tests and I've been classed as healthy as far as they are concerned - but the army isn't having it - despite the army telling me to have the NHS look into it as it not their responsibilty.

So, is the writing on the wall for me? Should I just resign? My Regt doesn't seem too interested (didn't even know I was in sandy places or that I was even medevac'd - and have quietly shuffled me off to one side for past few years) - I'd just like to have a go at playing the game again, but am not getting much joy and am thinking I should give in and call it a day.

Any thoughts/advice?
Judging from the following quote (ex Hansard), it would seem that it's up to your CO (with advice from Army medics), as to what you can and can't do. You don't give much indication of why you seem to be restricted to Western Europe or North America. Is this fact (documented by medics) or assumption? (Rhetorical question - it's not in my line).

P7 CPND (Geo)

An individual who is graded P7 and does not meet the criteria for PES LE may be posted to areas in addition to those listed against HO by the APC, having taken advice from the Army Occupational Health Physician APC, to a unit in a specified geographical area but may not deploy from that geographical area without clearance from the Army Occupational Health Physician APC. On unit moves the CO is to obtain clearance from the APC before the individual changes location.

It doesn't sound as if your career prospects should be affected, though deployment (in and out) could generate paperwork and time costs.

Rather than just quit, consider transferring if you're not getting much help from your current CO.
Documented from my Board - "1st World Medical Facilities Required". Not quite sure why given that there is no diagnosed medical condition, but hey...

PSI is stating I don't meet med requirements for courses (JOTAC, various coffee courses, etc) and the Regt has taken away my train set - so parade nights consist of standing around drinking coffee (apparently I'm far too ill to do anything!?)
I'd suggest that you stop talking to your PSI and start talking to your CO.

Oh, and stop drinking coffee. Tea! ;)
Are you able to transfer to another unit who may have more time for you?

Sory if it sounds bone but what is there to lose?
I take it from your 3 feathers that you're RWY with either RY or RWxY, either way, I feel you should bring it to the attention of your CO or adj, particularly if you're RWxY with a reg adj at Bovie.

Trained officers with experience are hard to come by I would have thought, so they should be doing everything to keep you, not bore you into resigning!
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