P7 and contract running out

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by G10-warrior, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi, after returning from Iraq last year I collapsed on leave and after nine months of tests etc have been diagnosed with BP problem which causes me to collapse.

    Sat MED board November 2005 and was deemed fit to fly (Germany) and 9-5 admin work only-P7.

    Conducting officer wrote a letter to head of army cardiology for final say on if I should keep job and in what role as condition won’t get any better.
    Needless to say still waiting for any kind of answer and have returned to Germany to rot, have pestered everybody I know but nothing moving!
    The real worry is I’m an S type and contract runs out in September! RCMO has been sat on contract renewal for 4-5 months saying CO is busy/out/leave etc etc.

    What happens if contract runs out do I just get booted? Have I grounds appeal about contract decision and length it’s took?

    Currently back at home waiting for cardiology appointment in Birmingham (which has been cancelled twice!). Unit not returning calls and MAHOC and welfare say it’s nothing to do with them!
    New appointment now Sep 12th with contract finished around then!

    any help would kindly be recieved.

  2. What unit are you at? Or should I say what camp are you at??
  3. Was in munster germany but sent to uk on unoffical posting to sort out health etc.

    But then health got worse and got bedded down at own home.

    At mo only contact i have had with my unit is them asking for a mess bill to be paid before i leave army!!! T*ssers!
  4. Bit of an update....

    Had no contact with anybody for over a month!

    Even though I have left messages with my unit (didn’t ring me back)

    Mahoc (said I was nothing to do with them even though i am in uk at home address but promised to call back, 2 weeks ago)

    Even welfare didn’t call me back!

    What happens now I have 4 weeks of my s type left, all my kit in Germany etc and still waiting for medical appointments etc?
  5. Still in uk and still no contact!

    although a mate in Batt HQ said there taking my mess bills out of my wage this month!

    even though i have been away on a unoffical posting/waiting for consultant for 10 months. can they make a deduction from my wage without my consent? esp as it runs into hundreds and includes a xmas ball i didnt even attend!

    Did speak to RAO months back and he said not to worry about it!
  6. Find out who your desk officer is at APC Glasgow, when you do call him and explain the situation. It is unacceptable just tell you not to worry.

    Extensions to the SType are discussed and signed, or not, during a OC/CO interview months before the first contract ends. May I also recommend that you read up on redress procedures AGAI VOL 2 Chap 70 and be prepared to submit a compliant in advance of any legal procedures you may need to take on this matter.
    Seek advice from a solicitor ASAP.
    PM me if you need further help on this matter
  7. Well I have had no contact with my unit, MAHOC say its units problem???

    Got around 1-2 weeks left on my 3 yr s type

    So what happens had no discharge medical, no paper chase, nothing, still got ID card, all kit in Germany.

    Rang RAO three weeks ago and he said not to worry as I can’t be discharged without medical etc.

    Mmm this is the strangest way to leave the army
  8. How do you stand for service attributable? The VA can't touch you until you leave the Army but try phoning them and asking what the situation is for the future.

    Have you seen your GP? If you are sitting at home with a BP problem given that it's one of the UK's biggest killers, that is pretty much unacceptable. The lack of contact from the Army is pretty much cut and dried. You're not there anymore so they'll not be in a hurry. Nevertheless, you may be at risk and you shouldn't be sat on your arrse at home. If I were you I'd get down to your family GP ASAP.

    Don't take chances with your life mate, take the first step yourself. See a doctor.
  9. As far as I know they can't touch any of it unless you consent.
  10. It will be MAO(CH)'s problem from October!
  11. Main worry is what happens when I get passed my run out date?

    I'm I in or out the army? Can I be discharged without even being about and still being P7 and still waiting for a cardiology appointment.

    There's no excuse for the way this has panned out and I worry if anybody was hurt in active service is this the support they would get!

    I joined the army in 1987 and have never been ill before (rejoined a couple of times) and sadly this will be a pretty poor way to finish.
  12. G10, the army welfare service should be the ones fighting your corner! Give them a ring (I presume with welfare you meant the unit welfare officer...).
  13. Spoke to them two weeks ago said they had passed on my case to MAHOC who then said they had passed me back to my unit.

    and the circle continues with nobody wanting to be arsed doing a bit of Admin.

    think there are any vacancies in the Iraqi police? Lol
  14. At last managed to speak to somebody at my unit and have been told i'm no longer in the army!!

    Even though i have still got id card,done no paper chase,signed anything or been informed of procedures,have remaning appointments a selly oak hospital....still p7,havent handed any kit in and have kit left in germany and had no discharge medical!!

    I know i'm past the run out date(by day or two) of my s type but it seems a little weird to say the least.