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My Chief Clerk said I should get a P60 statement through ArmyNET, but still nothing's come up (it was several weeks ago too). We're on standdown at the moment. Any ideas?
I am assuming that due to the amount of time that has elapsed that this issue has now been resolved. However here goes anyway.

Are you waiting for your P60 to be presented to you when you log in? This is not how it works.

From the ArmyNET home page select pay (The £ icon on the top bar). You will then arrive at the page on which your current pay statement is displayed. Just above the pay statement is a P60. Click on that link and your current P60 will appear. There is also an option to print it out from this page.

Hope this helps.
As an observation, my P60s on Armynet are only populated up to tax year ending 2008. Unhelpful when trying to complete an online tax return and need the Apr 2009 data.

I have contacted SPVA(C) via JPAC helpdesk and have a hard copy in the post.
I've just checked the status of both my P60 and one of the other members of the ArmyNET team and neither of us have P60s for 2009.

We will do some digging.
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