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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Santa_Sunday, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. I have just printed off my P60 from ArmyNet as I am doing my self assessment on-line.
    On the P60 the boxes for ‘Employees PAYE Reference’ and ‘Final Tax Code’ are blank there is jus an * in there.
    Anyone know why..??

    I can get my final tax code (presumably from then Mar 09 pay statement), but will the Employees PAYE Reference be the same as on my previous P60 (also printed from ArmyNet last year).

  2. Sixty

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    No idea why it shows blank but your Employers PAYE Reference will be the same as last year. It's not something that'll change as long as the same employer provides you with an income (or pension).
  3. Cheers 60.

    I have just dug out the P60 that comes with my payslip (dated 05 April 2009). The PAYE reference is different to that of my 2007 P60 which is surprising. The P60 I just printed off ArmyNet is up to 05 April 2008 so I reckon that latest P60 isn't on ArmyNet yet.

    I will go with the hardcopy and bin off the thing printed off ArmyNet.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, what are you claiming for with your self-assessment? I'm thinking of trying to claim my 14 years worth of boot polish, shaving cream & razors etc...
  5. I know this could be a 'Wah', however:

    I'm not claiming.

    The tax man asks me for a tax return each year as I have two houses that I let out. The easiest part of the tax return is the 'income' part as that is based on my salary. I get that information from my P60.

    The hardest part is the income/outgoings from the rent and mortgages. Out goings include maintenance, management fees, ground rent (on one of them) etc. etc., etc I could go on. I could pay an expert £200 to do it for me, but I've done it myself for a few years now. Never had a problem.

    It was the blank boxes on the P60 printed off ArmyNet that bothered me, but I've got the info I needed from the hard copies. I just couldn't be arsed looking through my files and went for the ArmyNet option for a quick fix. I was wrong.

    Lesson learnned.