P60 for 2007/8

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sir_Burton_Dassett, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Any JPA gurus know when P60's are likely to be sent out or available on Army Net? Cheers.
  2. According to armynet... end of May.
  3. I was told that an employer was obliged to send out P60s by the
    19th of May. I need mine (as will a lot of others) for my accounts.
  4. From the HMRC website:

    31 May 2008
    Last date for giving a 2007-08 form P60 to each employee who was working for you at 5 April 2008.

    Link to full document:

    End of Tax Year 2007/8

  5. Thank you paywog. Greatly obliged.
  6. Nothing seen yet (and online tax return waiting), wait out?
  7. received all ours about 2 weeks ago - have you asked your HR Admin staff??

  8. Got our's in hard copy last week. Pester the Admin staff!
  9. Just got mine last week
  10. We got ours, as well as a totally different units too! Good old SPVA!
  11. Not a sniff of ours yet.......