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P47 & P51?

Was walking on the Fylde coast this lunchtime when two aircraft flew over and on towards Barrow. One certainly looked like a P47 and the other sort of looked like a P51. Both in USAAF livery.

Was I pissed?

Also, thought I saw a Dakota and a Hunter this evening coming south. Was there a show on somewhere up there? I think the Walney Island show is in July so it can't have been that.
The RNHF don't have a Skyraider. Could have been their Sea Fury with the Chippy? The straight wings of the latter could look vaguely Mustangish on a hazy day with the sun in your eyes.


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There is a Skyraider in flying condition somewhere in the UK but I cannot remember where at the moment....could be Historic Flying or Old Flying Machine Company.
There most certainly was. It was putting on a display next to a Sea Fury at the Kemble Air Day on Sunday. I do believe that it belongs to The Old Flying Machine Company.
It's the Kennet Aviation Skyraider which I think is standing in for one of the RNHF machines which is grounded ATM. Heard it talking to Filton on Friday as it and the Sea Fury transited from Yeovilton for the Whitehaven show.

Edited to add this from the RNHF website:-

Sea Fury VR930 has again been the public face of RNHF as the sole flyer so far this year, displaying to a fairly full programme. …. . We have taken the opportunity to fly co-ordinated arrivals with the Kennet Aviation Skyraider at a few airshows recently before continuing with the individual solo displays, making a particularly good noise!
TVM for that, I wasn't aware the RNHF were 'leasing' an A-1! Always liked the Skyraider and it's a shame we don't see the RNHF more often on the airshow circuit. Unfortunately the RN don't stump up the public cash for that like we do with the BBMF.

What's up with the Swordfish and Seahawk?


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