P46 Question

Having left my last job at the end of April 2010, I have only recently become employed again.....

My last work never issued me a P45 and****ed me around when I have tried chasing them up on this.

To ensure I get paid, my current work have had me fill in a P46. My question is this....

Given that in 2010, I have at least 90% of my tax free allowance left to earn, will I by filling in a P46 have condemned myself to PAYE tax that I will have to wait until April 2011 to claim back as a rebate?
Your best bet is to phone HMRC (be patient) and give them the facts, if you have your wage slips from your previous employer, you should be able to give them the info they require. Tell them that you have attempted to get a P45, and ask if HMRC can chase them for it. As long as you have given the correct info, you should be OK. HMRC can only use what they know to calculate your tax.

I agree, phone HMRC, they actually are quite helpful, though be prepared to wait for someone to answer your call. Though your P46 should be okay, its all i had as my previous employer too were twattts, HMRC sorted it out over the phone.

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