Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vampireuk, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. I'm starting to think I should probably ask for information on who to contact to get my P45 sent to me, my official out date was on the 19th March and whilst I've had the standard thank you and sod off letter along with chocolate badge I've yet to have my P45 come through. Unfortunately for those living on benefits I'm not much of a fan of emergency tax and could probably do with having it sent out to me. Just who do I need to contact and if it involves anybody in Glasgow should I just abandon all hope.
  2. Try phoning the admin office at your last unit - failing that Glasgow.
    How's life? (You civvie twat!) :)
  3. CC that's a little harsh.............

    You forgot to out 'Fat' before Civvy.

    Ah, sorry, it's not the Naafi,
  4. I'll give them a bell on Monday, certainly not today as it is my day off! I cannot complain about life, finished at my unit in December and laid in bed until March doing sod all, managed to get a job with BT which started just before my final days of getting paid to be at home and it's quite the easy life to be honest. And as for a fat civvie twat, guilty as charged! :)

    I still feel naughty when I walk out of a building and cannot feel anything on my head though.
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  5. You're BT-ing it for your sins!?! Feck that for a laugh! They were one of the reasons I rejoined! :) (Not sure what you're at - I was a Frames Engineer.) Good luck, hope it all works out good for you. (Not joined the TA yet then?) :)
  6. I've slotted into an apprenticeship so it's a rather large paycut to start out with but it's only uphill from there. I'll be doing just about everything by the end of it, already hammering it up the poles (telegraph before my sexual orientation is called into question) followed by UG and exchange work. I'm actually enjoying it, four day weeks and the day is broken up by driving and different jobs so I never end up clock watching. Plus a massive bonus is a van and fuel card and home starting so I pay nothing for commuting. I hope you are still perfecting the art of dodging anything that sounds remotely like work! :)

    Edit: As for the TA, if they can accept someone with a full grown beard and plans to grow his hair longer than a hippy then possibly! Who knows, with the rate armourers are vanishing they may let me work part time and just tip up wearing nothing but flip flops and a smile.
  7. Sounds a bit like me in NI. 9/12th too come to think of it... Hang on, CLR and Wallop; in fact I've had a beard at every unit so far, I might as well go Muslim and cut out the middle man. :)