P45, when should I get it

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nik_kershaw, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. I have left the Army and the country for a life down under, the thing is that I need my P45 to do a tax return and hopefully get some cash back from the tax man. Does anyone know when I can expect to get it, any ideas?
  2. Sqeeze someones balls, it takes about 10 minutes to sort out a P45. :x
  3. He is at 11 reg I believe, don't expect it this side of the year 3000 ;)
  4. I left 2 Feb 09 and moved abroad. Received P45 about 30 days later, sent off P45 with tax form and received a £780 tax refund about 30 days after that. So 2 months after leaving all sorted. :D
  5. I was at 11 Regt, living the dream now I'm out. Sounds good there Grumpy git, where does it come from, the units RHQ or from Glasgow?

  6. nik,

    Got mine with a covering letter signed by a Mark McCaughey, Team Leader, JPAC Payroll Support. Tel: 0141 224 3600. Fax: 0141 224 3901.

    JPAC Payroll Support
    Mail Point 320
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street

    Hope it helps.
    p.s. Just checked covering letter and I actually received P45 21 days after last day of service and not one month as previously stated.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Your P45 is about as important as a used condom. If you are owed something you have 6 years to claim it back. Crack on down under and each year bother the fcukwits of the British tax office for the details.

    Really its not something you should be worrying about.

    Enjoy Oz, as I'm sure you are. :)
  8. It is if you want to claim tax back by filling in Form P85 (Income Tax Claim when you have left or are about to leave the UK). No P45 = No Refund.
  9. thanks for the details there, that will be alot of help