P45 from Employer


Just a quick question, noticed on my joining instructsions that you need to take your P45, My last day at work is going to be Friday 4th January 08, I enlist on the 8th and start Phase 1 on the 14th.

Will they be able to give it to me straight away?

or if I give them extra warning (ie tomorrow) and say that I will need it by the latest friday 11th before i start on the monday.


They can't give it to you until after your last pay transfer, usually BACS straight into your bank.

If it's an identiy issue they need the P45, this can be subsititued by other documents, if it's for pay/tax then you can fill in a P46 instead.


If you intend to make a career of the army, then you need to be proactive.

In other words, you have already answered the question for yourself in your final sentance. In the army you have to look after yourself, mummy wont be there to wipe your nose!

In short, think for yourself and act in the appropriate way :x
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