Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by plw1970, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. I have been suffering for a few years with dodgy calfs, the Doc says I can be downgraded to P3. Can anyone explain what this meens?
  2. You are down graded mate!

    But! You can go on tour if the RMO says so!

  3. I am still fully FE at the moment, he says P3 could be an option.
  4. P2 FE

    P2 = you are physically fit, can pass all fitness tests, work within physically demanding limits

    FE = forward everywhere, you are a fully deployable individual

    P3 LE

    P3 = you are physically fit, but within limits as dictated by your UMO with regards to specific injuries and illnesses.
    You should have a Light Duties Proforma - a 'biff chit' to exclude you from any physical exertions that may exasserbate your illness/injury.
    Calfes - you should be excused CFTs PT ect.

    LE = you may still deploy, but not front line, but to the limits of 'lines of communications everywhere (LE)'.

    downgrading you for a short period would help you
    1. overcome an injury or illness
    2. prevent further injury / worsening of you condition
    3. protect you whilst under review or treatment.
    (stops the army breaking you further!)

    any help?