P1ss offs/Incidents/Surprises/Heart stoppers PISH

Thought it was about time I posted my own topic, so how about PISH.

:evil: P--Biggest p1ss off.
:blush: I--Incidents which caused a change in SOPs.
:omg: S--Biggest surprise.
:omfg: H--Biggest heart stopping moment.

So, to start off, mine is;

:evil: P --Being invited to a nurses orgy in Chatham, then it being cancelled the morning of, by the host, because her dad had a heart attack. Tw*t!!
:blush: I --Getting the end of course p1ss up at long marston changed to mid week, because I wrote my car off about 2 miles from camp as I left, and passed the breathalyser by the skin of my teeth.
:omg: S --Being awarded my LS & GC!!
:omfg: H --A sprog RCT (It was a long time ago) driver and me being used as target practice in the Maglai Finger on Op Grapple 5.

So come on gents. Being good people of the Corps there must be others who can fill the PISH post.
P: To come back to my Sqn who were in Can after 3 months in Canada. Called into the 2I/Cs office who said LCpl P_L I have good news and bad news. The good news is you won't do a full tour, the bad news is that we are loosing you to the HQ Sqn. BARGIN!

I: Helping get a change made in a course syllabus

S: Finding out that I was leaving Afghanistan 3 weeks early and I'd got my TS slot in Canada

H: Being on my 432 course in Kosovo. Pulled up 2 miles inside Serbia outside an MUP station. I was in the back listenning to my disc man. Got told to get my rifle, I couldn't hear so just stuck my head out of the mortar hatch. I found my self looking at half a dozen or so rather p155ed off Serbs pointing AKs and a Dragnov at us. 5p, 50p, 5p, 50p.
P--- Getting a message on my answering machine from the Chief Clerk when I was in a REME fitter section saying "Can you get a copy of your CR to us by tommorow as we forgot to put you on the promotion board and it sits tommorow afternoon?" After coming back from 3 weeks leave and the message was left on the 1st day of leave.

I--- Finding a CET engine to be slowly lowering onto my hand, then not being able to find the crane control cause I was sat on it.

S--- Finding out that the SSM thought me calling the OC a cnut in the Sqn bar in Bosnia at very high volume, was quite funny.

H-- Standing on a rooftop in Baghdad on election day with a battery drill in one hand then turning round to see 2 yank apache's hovering behing me.
:omfg: H --A sprog RCT (It was a long time ago) driver and me being used as target practice in the Maglai Finger on Op Grapple 5.

So come on gents. Being good people of the Corps there must be others who can fill the PISH post.[/quote]

would that also be around the same time you had a little mishap with the kiwis on op Grapple
P - Volunteering to go to Kenya (Ex Grand Prix) as the spare SNCO who will be the 'Adventure Trg SNCO' (made up job) and finding out the day before deploying that one of the Sgts had failed his medical and couldn't fly. Yes, I ended up being Tp Sgt of 1 Platoon, A Company of 1 W&SF Regt for a 5 week infantry exercise!!

I - The above incident = 'Don't volunteer'.

S - Still serving after 18 years.

H - A mortar hitting the corner of the terminal building whilst breifing the Basra Airport Tech Director on electrical power problems.
P - Not getting my full screw the year before I did, when other 'ramp and deckers' in the Sqn at the time got it.

I - Realising, at a young age, that the only person that is worried or concerned about you carreer in this mans army is......yourself!!!

S - Getting off with not getting in the sh!t after getting arrested by the German police in Dusseldorf after rampaging through the town wrecking loads of stuff.

H - Walking into the outskirts of Umm Qasr during Op Telic 1 to do a recce on a task while the Americans were still trying to clear the town of insurgents. In the end they couldn't and the Royal Marines had to go in and do it for them. Good Old Brits!!!
P - getting a crap CR from an OC and Troop commander I'd never met
I - tripping over a cluster bomb
S - climbing a fence with a blonde at night to get in a park in London while still in training, blue lights appearing and being told i was in the grounds of Kensington palace by the nice policeman - and being let off!
H - realising what i just tripped over ( see I above!)
P - getting told i could stay at my old unit & see my career out. only to be told a few weeks later that i was being posted in a maximum of 4 weeks.

I - displaying loyalist/glasgow rangers images whilst serving in 25 led to all forms of loyalist/republican images being banned. (cannot claim that it was only myself BUT i did get told personally to get my stuff down by QM).

S - getting promoted again after being bust twice.

H - see "S" & living with the most nervous spr alive whilst in iraq, hit the deck at the mere mention of a rocket whilst wearing both sets of body drama.

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