P-trap freezing


My utility room has a P-Trap for the waste water pipe from the washing machine and tumble dryer. Last year it froze solid, and I'm not keen on that happening again this year - I am getting the whole room redone next year so will fix properly then, but I was wondering if anyone knew of an interim solution whi h wouldn't cost the earth, and would prevent it from freezing?

I have considered bunging some antifreeze / salt in there to change the freezing point, but that would require replacing after each wash/cycle, and I think there are rules about chucking antifreeze down the drain.

Can you get a low-power heating cable that will sit inside the pipe? I don't have access to the P-Trap without wrecking the pack/pulling up the floor, so cladding/eternal cable would be out for now.

Simple solution;

1, Close and lock the utility door,

2, On a weekly basis collect all your dirty clothes and take them to your *mums. Then go to the pub, (with a bit of luck your mum will iron them as well as washing and drying them before you go back later to pick them up),

3, Take your mum a few Baby Chams and chocolates to give to her when you collect,

4, Job JOBBED,

5, Resume doing your own dirty dobby once the warmer weather returns.

* Insert girl friend, bit on the side, M-I-L etc as appropriate.


How big is the P trap?
If you can stick anti freeze in why, not stick a submersible aquarium heater in it?
Probably not a glass one!