P*ss poor reporting skills on the BBC website

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 1stgulfmac, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Look half way down the page:

    BBC News - Skyfall premiere is biggest and best - Daniel Craig

    "A British military band performs as guests arrive for the royal world premiere of Skyfall at the Royal Albert Hall in London"

    Now how hard is it to identify the RM band and a bunch of i-pod owners standing around them?

    "James Bond" is supposed to be a RN Commander now if I can spot the link how lazy are the journalists.
  2. The BBC are only aiming their reporting at the lowest common denominator, who couldn't care less.
  3. Did Jimmy Savile touch any of them?
  4. Just a bit above that. The lowest common denominator can't read.......
  5. Your right, it is piss poor reporting. Bone idle too. The MOD maintains a large media organisation, both military, civilian and RAF, who are or should be on every newsrooms speed dialers, if only to check facts.

    Perhaps this is merely irritating,but it is inexcusable when talking about casualties and other serious matters - too often we hear "Lance Colonel", "Lieutenant Corporal ", "Royal Anglican Regiment" and so on.
  6. Piss-poor indeed.

    It is the 'Corps of Drums' composed of Buglers from a Naval band which is not shown.

  7. One hates to pour sugar in the tank of the Outrage Bus, but the Band of the Royal Marines are indeed a 'British Military Band'.
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  8. Therefore unlikely to be confused with The Central Band of the RAF
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  9. Most people watching will only be interested in the movie and the stars/celebs. Unless the Band is dressed up in Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter outfits, the vast majority of viewers will hardly notice them.

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  10. For me though its the lazy style they adopt. Why not give the credit where it is due? Too lax to discover who the band actually are, dont care? Bit like calling the Beatles a popular beat combo rather than using their name. Yes acurate but still lazy.
  11. Oi! Stop using my avatar, ya (checks what forum we're in) ladies front bottom.
  12. The whole thing is that there is a general lowering of standards in reporting. The use of 'anythink' when 'anything' is correct, the use of 'bored of' when it should be 'bored with' or 'bored by'. I'll stop there - I could go on for hours!
  13. Bingo.
  14. Haven't you got enough excuses not to pay your licence fee yet?
  15. Now that is funny, you put the RAF after the civilians, when we are all to aware, from the RAF RSS feeds, that they have a bigger PR machine than Hitler had!