P&P 2005

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WasMe, May 1, 2005.

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  1. Venty spill the beans.......how was it?????
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Top night, only just recovering, too much gin. Excellent tucker and arranged superbly by the blonde bloke! Cheers dude much appreciated.

    Speeches 4/10, all rosy in the AMS garden, rose tinted specs were avaliable on request.

    Only down side was meeting Foxy! He's much smaller than I imagined! :wink:
  3. Foxy....very surprised to find you are a 9 volta.
  4. you were taller than I expected and considering youve done the TA bit as well, no grey hair!!!!
    Good night though, great food.
  5. I had a top night too, admin up my ARSSE though as I did n't realise that so many contributors to this forum were present. Only complaint (and not a serious one) was that the port was pretty awful, fortunately there were plenty of tasty alternatives. Also, given my condition the following day it was obvious that lack of suitable alcohol was not a concern.
  6. I must agree a top night and also the port was pretty rank...?

    Intresting to meet one or two individuals who I rather hoped had died of a very painful STD. Appears they have been promoted and increased their waist size.

    Apart from that an excellent night. Thanks to the both old and new RSM's.
  7. could we have some air conditioning next year please?
  8. A big well done to the fella who fell asleep. I know lots of people fell asleep, but this bloke was right in front of the DG. fantastic.
  9. Does anyone know what time the trumpet players went to bed?????
  10. are you talking about the wimmin?
  11. Trumpet players 8O Jesus P&Ps have gone up market since my last one

    Dui-lai takes note to go to next years....if he ain't in the sandbox.....again :evil:
  12. Yes it was a touch warm wasn't it and the port got better after 4 or 5 glasses.... anyone remember what time the bar shut?
  13. I left around 3.30, I was stood in the (cool) foyer when someone walked through at about 3.15 saying the bar was shut.
  14. Gads that was an early night :roll: