P.M. Blair Jeered At Over Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Mr. Blair delivered the keynote speech at a Labor Party conference today.

    He was interrupted by hecklers. I get the impression that's a novelty.

    The hecklers seemed to be enraged over Mr. Blair's contribution to entangling the UK in the Iraq occupation.

    Someone identified as "Old Etonian Hector Christie, 43" was dragged out after shouting, at Mr. Blair, "You have got blood on your hands."

    "Defiant Blair Is Jeered" by Joe Murphy.

  2. To be taken away and shot, thoughtcrime is punishable by DEATH 8O
  3. Better still, those arrested were bona fide Labour Party members. They had to be to gain entry to the hall. The thought-police figured it'd be safe if they allowed only the faithful inside and kept the soap-dodgers out in the cold. :lol:
  4. Didn't Saddam do the same to members of hisparty 8O 8O :wink:
  5. The Bliar party is the Nazi party.

    The hecklers were card-carrying party members. Whether their views were welcome or not, or if their pasts or interests were controversial are irrelevant.

    They are in police custody and were dragged out with hands over their mouths.

    I hope any Labour member watching these scenes thinks deeply about the suppression of opposition to Hitler, Stalin, Saddam and every other dictator.

    As a newly-released civvie I will oppose Bliar at election time, using my ex service status and my opposition to the Iraq lies to undermine his party as much as possible. This man portrays himself as a leader in the war on terror. The foundation of leadership is trust and Bliar has breached the trust of the electorate more times than I have polished my boots! There can be no consensus on the war on terror until this liar and charlatan has been removed. Trashing the Labour party majority should ensure his departure, even if that shower are not overturned at the election!
  6. And later invited for a nice quiet walk in the country.......


  7. If any Labour members read this site, I hope they are disgusted with this attempt to quell any democratic protests from within their own party.

    TBLiar is going too far, the sooner his downfall the better. For the country and especially for the services :evil:
  8. What for? Breach of the peace? Hardly so at a gathering for party members to voice their views.Wrongful arrest surely?
    At what point should the masses revolt against a future dictator who is growing in power? When should Hitler have been resisted?
    When is it too late? What's a step too far in this Orwellian nightmare? 8O
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Chaps, I seriously doubt there is any legal reason for dragging out a protester with an invitation under Police charges though I am sure the owner of the venue can ask the Police to interfere (e.g. remove) said protesters, where they are guilty of anything illegal until they are off the property is something else. Similarly TB, NewL isn't guilty of suppression of somebodies opinion if they choose to rant about it during someone elses speech - they're just being rude, if I turned up at your wedding, or worse Baddass turned up at your wedding and started hurling abuse about how you are a woofter and that he's had your bride up the ring-piece would removing Baddass be so bad?

    Hop off your high horse here, there's nothing to see and nothing to complain about.

    Of course, if anyone saw the long-shots of the room you'll have seen it was half empty (or half full if you're TB) which begs the question exactly how many people were allowed in the first place.


    PS. and the quote about blood on your hands, he's fcking right, Blair and Hoon both delayed mobilisation/training/equipment on political grounds of not wanting to spend money and move kit and troops prior to the UN second vote and the logistics was all****ed up as a consequence. If OldEtonian was referring to the Iraqis then I wouldn't be surprised though.
  10. yes they were bona fide card carrying labour party members........ since 2 weeks ago when they applied with the express intention of protesting at the conference , so not really the "enemy within" , but it begs a few security questions doesn't it , i mean how do you vet labour party members , most of them have got proper moody pasts , and large security service files , if they got strict it'd be an empty fecking hall!!!
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Of course, under new labour initiated laws if you worked for the Police Force and applied for BNP membership so you could protest at one of their meetings you'd be chucked out of the BNP and Police Force - how cool would that be? :lol:
  12. mmm that's got me thinking , if the british police force isn't allowed to be members of the BNP , because it's views are bigoted ,rascist,and not in keeping with the 21st century , are PSNI officers still allowed to be orange order members.... a more bigoted bunch of f*ckwits i've yet to meet.
    sorry , i digress.
  13. I think they have to declare OO memberhip to the Chief Constable. Same with membership of Freemasons etc.

    A PSNI member of Arrse might see this and confirm.
  14. i thought it was fairly common to heckle at bad comedy shows
  15. I thought they took membership of ther Masonic Lodge as read. Or were the RUC(PSNI)different from every other branch of Plod? 8)