P.L.C.E patrol sack export model

Soldier of fortune are selling these P.L.C.E Patrol sack export model (40 litre capacity) for 39.99 same design as the standard issue P.L.C.E patrol sack, except the fabric is not IR proof what you guys think, worth buying?
arby said:
have you not just answered your question?
Well yeah I suppose I have, but just wanted to see what other guys thought of it?

Been looking through several sites for a patrol sack, if anybody has brought one which they recommend can you let me know. I'm not interested in Web-tex
Does the suspiciously low price not tell you something about the quality? I wouldn't take false economy when it comes to load-bearing kit, otherwsie you could have a lot of stuff in your arms.
Its the correct NSN. It does not claim to be a replica, copy or just like the real thing.

Kitmonster posts on here often enough, maybe he put your mind at rest.
Bravo_Zulu said:
I was referring to the export model (£39.99 is a bit too cheap for a NI pack), not kitmonster's stock, which I'm sure is the real McCoy.
They are! All NSN'd all in the right materials with the right buckles. We can offer that price as we sourced them through surplus and got them cheaper than usual, therefore cheaper to you.
The PLCE patrol pack from kitmonster looks like a worthwhile buy alot cheaper than i've seen else where and the chap has said it's genuine.

Thanks to those who wrote back,

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