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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. The US Military just can't get enough acronyms...

    here's a whole new bunch just to help soldiers find quality tottie that won't send them a ' Dear John ' after a few weeks in the sandpit.


    right troops..before entering the drinking establishment, make sure you have your erasable plastic checklist with you...
  2. So the ones returning from Sandy or Anistan who manage to avoid yellow ribbon trip hazards and (see "another way to die" thread) survive motorbike crashes, then get divorced! It's a minefield back there. Blimey.

    Do these courses run a practical phase? Fun being a DS on that........

    "No son, she is trailer trash......"
    "No son, she has a mullet....."
    "No son, check out the banjo she's carrying and the unsettlingly mutant brother..."
  3. now that would be a great help, wouldn't it?.. Official Army Wingman assigned to each trooper to help him steer his way through and talk him up to potentials.. " See my pal over there?.. He's a DeltaGreenBeretSeal just back from a secret assignment. He's seen some sad and bad stuff and could really use a soft shoulder to cry on..." or, maybe steer the babe's ugly sister/chaperone to a corner so that he could have clear run...
  4. They also serve, who shag the ugly ones. We will remember them.
  5. Good spot Rocketbloke, but humour aside, this article merely serves to underline how seriously the US Armed Forces take personal investment in thier people - however ridiculous the T/FLAs are! :)