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I would appreciate any advice or feedback on the matter below:

I was called in to see my Adjt who informed me that my P-File had gone missing. He requested that I copy all my previous OJARs and course reports etc that I had kept in my PDR folder and submit them to him so he could start a fresh P-File.

I am happy to do this, although my concern is that i will not be able to give enough infomation to restore my P-File back to its original size and content, simply because surely there is info in the P-File that I will never have seen, let alone have a copy of.

Could this affect any future postings/attachments etc if my P-File is not as complete as it used to be, or am i worrying about nothing?

If anyone could help, I would be most grateful.

Kind regards,

You can request copies of Course Reports and Annual Reports from the Disclosure Section at APC, you Unit HR should have the relevant profoma to request these and your Adjt has to sign it.

It would not affect your future assignments as APC will have copies anyway.


Tulip as LJS says above it shouldn't affect the price of fish. APC hold a hard copy and the majority of this info i.e. cses etc will be held on JPA.

Didn't think copies of OJARs should be held in your P File? Certainly wouldn't want mine held in a P File for any old tom dick or Harry from the ASGC to read. I was under the impression that your original OJAR is sent to APC and then you receive a copy back from them, for your own personal retention, not to then copy for others to see.

I would be asking the following question to the Adjutant:

How has my P File gone missing? Who had it last? Was it signed out? What steps have been taken to find it?

The security implications alone of a P File going missing to not bear thinking about.
Your P-File has gone missing? Has the Adj investigated this and satisfied himself there is no negligence or culpability? What about data protection? Who has had access to lose it? Aren't they suppossed to be contrlloed documents? It is only a small issue compared to what the government is going through but what if someone finds it, chucks it in the bin and someone unscrupulous gets hold of your details?

Not good.
Ok the system for a missing P File as as follows:

1. Find out WHICH P File they are talking about, as most units have TWO, the OFFICIAL one called a AF B9999, and the second one is the UNOFFICIAL one that most Adjt's use to keep OJAR's and CR's in and anything they DONT want you to see.

If its the OFFICIAL ONE get your System Co-Ord/Admin Staff to do the following:

1. Check the Doc's Receipts make sure it HAS been signed for at your unit.

2. If it has See who signed for it, if not chase your old unit and find out if and when it was sent.

3. If the above still does not help get your Admins at BOTH Units to do a 100% check.

4. If this still does not work your NEW unit should raise a Army Wide Signal and trawl for your Docs.

Also check the Medical & Dental Centres and see if your docs are there as if they arrived then your P file & Pay file should be at youe unit aswell.

If after ALL of this there is still no joy you can admit defeat and start a new one but SOMEONE has to be to blame for losing a P File.

You DO NOT place OJAR'S or CR's on a P File unless you are a LCpl or below then they are kepted on the Left had side.

Hope this helps any more questions just ask

Marty261 said:
Ok the system for a missing P File as as follows:

1. You DO NOT place OJAR'S or CR's on a P File unless you are a LCpl or below then they are kepted on the Left had side.
How can you possibly have an OJAR (Officers Joint Appraisal Report) for a LCpl or below?
OMG, sorry for typing to fast for my head, but im sure everyone got the picture there is always ONE person tries to score points for no reason...

Thanks for that information and yes i did know what OJAR stood for and I know wot SJAR stands for aswell.

I was just trying to help someone out.

Tell the Adjt that if he doesn't find your P file you will report the matter to the Information Commisioner as a breach of the Data Protection Act.

That should help to concentrate his mind.
Its not unheard of for units to loose important things like P files, i moved units and on arrival at the new unit i was called to the admin office and showed an empty buff file with a post it note on saying that this was the P file of ******** *** ********** in leiu of the lost file.
and that was the end of it. i never realised that an investigation was to be conducted, dont even know if it ever did, i now have 2 peices of paper in it to show my whole career.
i wouldn't worry about it too much, our unit lost a couple of bedfords in Bosnia in '94 and i'm forever losing my keys. try asking the Adjt if he remembers where he saw it last, usually works for me. Incidently my keys normally turn up on top of the microwave, has the Adjt checked there?

Hope this helps :D

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