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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by g2_rocketman, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. Ive just checked my P File at RHQ for course reports that I may not have seen. To my disgust, nothing apart from 1 posting order had been added in to it for over 5 years. Spoke to OC and she is 100% sure she has sent anything that should be included off to be put in it. A few missing things I could understand, but there is a black hole for the last five years? Anyone had this themselves before, or does anyone have any theories as to why this may have happenned. (and yes I have kept copies of everything).
  2. JPA happened. Clerks now no longer know what to do with things if JPA doesn't have a link for it!
  3. Afternoon G2, having a P File with a 5 year gap is something that needs to raised through your chain, course reports are usually copied into the Unit system so there may be hard copies in the G3 side. Reference the rest, on the front of the P-File it will list what has been placed into it since it was started, normally most people have more than one, therefore asked to see the previous one, again the contents will be listed on the front. That way you can check to see what is missing.

    Basically ask to see your Quad 9, if you are given anything else, look inside but demand to see your see the Quad 9. If it is nowhere to be seen then raise a formal complaint, as there is something seriously wrong, especially with data protection and all that Jazz!
  4. JPA Happened, correct back in 07, but strangley the Army loves paperwork and always will, the majority now are course reports which goes into your P-File (2026) which you will have if you are still serving. Interesting to hear that JPA stopped all this as a bits of paper don't have a link, like to see how your unit works without paperwork then?
  5. I presume you are a clerk then? No sense of humour.
  6. Nope not this Callsign SS, I am one of your loyal followers :)

    My unit has no paperwork at all and has no idea what day of the week it is let alone where it is based.
  7. You must becat the same unit as me!