P***ed off Pet Op

Discussion in 'RLC' started by MSI64, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Just been on the RLC website I know its sad, but thought I might have a look to see if there was anyone on there I know and what do I find?????
    The RLC is made up of Bleeps and Trogs, Air Despatchers and Ammo techs, Chefs and some guy who works in the Armoury,How are we supposed to sell ourself if even our own Website wont show us.???????
  2. But not in the Video FFS
  3. msi i can see (even though i can't actually see it because it isn't there!) your point. but i believe this video has been made for recruiting purposes. perhaps then (and this is unfounded conjecture) the pet op trade is well recruited compared to the trades shown in the video, which is why there is no pet op representation?

    alternatively. i sat through a series of recruiting presentations the other day which obviously included the old duty video. funny old thing, i left with the impression that the army was manning about 5 parachute brigades!

    misrepresentation is key in these videos, its all about whats 'sexy' (on the premise that sex sells!!). do you honestly think if they made a video about what really goes on in the army anyone would sign up? someone behind a camera obviously thinks fuel is pretty off putting, and frankly, who can blame them.
  4. Ok point taken However the video is put out as an overview of the RLC so surely a fair spread should be filmed?????
  5. Fill er up please mate, and make sure the windscreen is clean
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Take up the matter with HQ DRLC or write to the Stainer.

    Other than that can't help you.
  7. As a trog driver you will fill your truck/landrover etc more times than a PetOp. We dont fill any small vehicles from BFI's. And as for windscreen, we will leave that for the trogs to window lick as they drive past a sexy fully camouflaged Bulk Fuel Installation.!

  8. Always surprises me the amount of Pet Ops that have to do driving Details because there are never the enough Drivers qualified or are on the Biff.
    Within the Pet Op trade there is a massive Diversity of peole with other qualifications such as Haz Mat Instructors, MSI, Skillys, Dog Handlers Butchers and Victuallers all because we dont shy away from work like certain Trades do.
    Its always the same statement from the Trogs But it is true WE CAN DO YOUR JOB the proof was Telic 5 were most of the tankers on the road were driven by Pet Ops. Didnt see many drivers on the BFI working??????
    Only the TK Transporter guys can really hold there heads up as Real Drivers IMHO.
    Nuff said.
  9. Bet you couldnt do my job
  10. Six grand before tax to re join as a Pet Op .How much to rejoin as a trog?????????
  11. Assuming I'm a trog?
  12. Ok OK will fall for it What do you do then Drain sniffer

    Like i really care
  13. To be honest, i dont know what i do. I just saw the title of the thread and couldnt resist
  14. Ok OK will fall for it What do you do then Drain sniffer

    Like i really care