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  1. Recently re-enlisted and have my application process going again.

    Served 16mnths with 2para but left due to a family crisis.

    Will I have to do P coy again? Asked at my AFCO, however they were as much use on this one as an ashtray on a motorbike.

    I hope not as i was hard enough first time time round.

    Does anybody know?

  2. I wouldnt think so, once you have earned your wings they are yours "in perpetuity". How long you were away might have a bearing on what training you do need to do.
  3. Well its getting on for 5 years now, AFCO said that they send me back to ITC Catterick and put me in a remedial coy to see how much i still remember. Then i will be put back into training depending on what i know.

    However, i think my drills will still be ok maybe not sharp but ok. And mt fitness is still there no doubt.
  4. I think they'll get you on it again mate. 5 years is a long time to spend out, i've no doubt that your fitness is still there but P Coy also tests your robustness which might have been lost. If I were in your shoes i'd put in to do it. Firstly to prove to myself that I still had what it takes and secondly to prove to the staff that you have what it takes.
  5. its defiantley an idea and i do like your way of thinking. Although if i can get away with not doing it i would rather. However im not certain that will be the case. I think im ready for it again well i at least hope so.

    Surely the first reply was right? Once you have passed, you have passed and will not need to complete it again?
  6. No you won't have to do P-Coy again. Once you get up to ITC(C) you will be assessed and a decision will be made by OC Para Coy as to what training etc you have to do. Do yourself a favour and get working hard at the fitness and it will set you in good stead for getting out of there as quickly as possible and getting back to the Bn.

    If you have any problems with the re-enlistment process drop me a PM with the details and I'll try and help out.

    Good luck.
  7. Yeah that's a good point also, i know of all arms people who having passed p coy had to wait 5 years to do a jumps course, so why not get them to do it again? The key attributes, your determination, fighting spirit will all still be there, just the issue of robustness really. All the best, Let us know what they say.
  8. I was hoping not to do it again as once was enough. But if push comes to shove then so be it, thats why i have been preparing myself as much as poss.

    Do you think the DS will treat me like the rest of the joes up there or not?
  9. I've just said that you WILL NOT have to do P Coy again - English not enough, need a translation??

    As for the DS and how they will treat you - show them you know your onions without being cocky you'll and you'll be ok.
  10. A little more is need with your GRAMMAR I think.

    Other then that cheers.
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  11. ok mate don't be fooled by the once you have done it thats it. I am an instructer down at ITC and if you came to me saying you had been out for 5 years i would send you back to the start of training not just p coy. Afew reasons You will not know any of the LMG, P coy has changed so in a word you have not completed it. There is a new grenade that wasn't in when you left. And all sorts of tactics have changed so you would be as about as much use as tits on fish.

    Sorry to be like this but at least im telling you the truth.

  12. so what has changed apart from the staff
  13. the type of person they are looking for its naw all about the dumb **** who can run like the wind. the view is totally different and if you aint got a brain you aint getting through
  14. I like who you are preaching to Thefortytwa! do you have any idea. I do and i'm not Regt!!
  15. to be honest mate im naw that arsed who takes note and who doesnt im not "Reg" but i have 4 or 5 good mates who are and thats where i get the info from the horses mouth doesnt lie.