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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by future_rupert, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Any top tips on getting up to top fitness for P Coy? I have 2 months before it starts.
  2. Buy a good a pair of running trainers, hit the roads and wear them out through a combination of endurance, fartlek and timed runs of varying distances, degrees of difficulty (i.e. lots of hills) and times. This will develop your lung power and leg strength. Include regular and increasing repetitions and sets of sit-ups, press-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups. This will develop your upper-body and core strength. Eat well, rest well, strecth off properly and throw in a bit of swimming and cycling for non-impact training.

    There's been loads written on this site and in books regarding this subject and it's not rocket science so search these sites and the official Para Regt website, go to the library and do you research accordingly. If you've prepared well in every aspect (physical and mental) and turn up confident in that fact, give maximum effort in every aspect of the beat-up and actual events themselves, then you'll do well. However, if you've got 2 months before doing P Coy, you should get into an organised, systematic and progressive training regime now as it will pay dividends in the very near future.
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  3. Buy some surgical white spirit from the chemist and rub small amounts onto your feet (every day) this will toughen up the skin on your feet. Buy a large pack of multi vitamins start taking them now. Exercise every day start steady and build up to faster times and longer distances. Read up on 'stretching exercises' practice and learn these stretching routines.

    This will help to reduce the chance of injury. Buy a good relaxation tape and learn to deeply relax a few times a week in the evenings 'start now'. Take good care of your footwear. Learn good balance 'now'.

    Practice carrying heavy loads at a steady pace over long distances.
    Never ever go on the pish when your course has started. No matter what your buddies are doing. Get your jobs done and get plenty of sleep.

    Soak leather boots in hot water then allow them to dry naturally. stuff them with paper and cover them with polish to make thewm more supple.
    stock up on dioralite to help restore natural minerals lost during excessive sweating. Never put on wet boots before any battle march unless you cannot do anything else.

    Tell your family that they must prepare- as you are going to be totally mentally focused for the duration of p-coy. Ask your loved ones to write you motivational letters all the way through your selection process.

    Remember when you see grown men cry and you will-that if you pass this course you will remember it for the rest of your life. Every other challenge will pale into insignificance. Do your best stay in the middle of every group wherever possible, never get left at the back and never stay at the very front.

    Crack on stay with it and you will get through one day at a time.
    all the best and let us know how you get on. Now go for it
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  4. get used to coming in off a run that absoulutely fucks you up so ur breathing out of your ass, then going out and going and doing it again, and again, and again, until your body can physically take no more.
  5. Your fitness and speed will get better with training, however if you dont have Airborne Spirit and heart, you might as well jack now!! Good luck.
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  6. What a load of rubbish! A structured fitness programme is needed where you have sufficient time to recover between hard sessions otherwise you'll burn yourself out and most likely pick up an injury. Concentrate on endurance based events and speedwork which will help you run/tab at a faster pace for longer periods. A pair of boots that don't give you problems is also advisable. 'P' Company isn't too hard if you've trained correctly and have some balls about you.
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  7. WTF? Please say you're American or at the least a female writer of love novels.

    If however you have done and passed P Coy and experienced Brae Fell DZ in winter then I am going to post my wings back to Brize, run a warm bath, drink gin and slice my wrists wide open.
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  8. :roll:
  9. get your stomach used to swallowing brufen three times a day :?
  10. P Coy is a mental test just as it is a physical one. The degree of the divide of these two tests, is based upon one thing, whether you wish to be a hat for the rest of your life.

  11. Just cause you pass p-coy and get your wings that dont mean you aint a hat anymore

    once a hat always a hat :wink:
  12. here here. :D
  13. what planet is eagle1 on??? its only p coy!! one week long and we dont live in caves anymore, ever heard of mobile phones??
  14. what planet is eagle1 on??? its only p coy!! one week long and we dont live in caves anymore, ever heard of mobile phones??