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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by browndog01, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. I know that 4PARA and some specialist units put ta soldiers thro p coy, but i was wondering how common/possible it is to get a place on the course if your unit doesnt work with 16aa?
  2. What unit are you with?
  3. its a field hospital mate, im a student nurse.
  4. There's a requirement for both Para and Commando trained medical personnel so it shouldn't be too difficult. Just go through your chain of command.
  5. People can attempt it as a pre cursor to transferring to an airborne unit, so I suppose it is possible if you're not. I believe all personnel in 100 reg can attempt it, although I believe only 1 has passed (not from 266 para bty).

    Do not expect a jumps course however! It's not fair to people waiting in airborne units (and just wont happen if you're not in an airborne role).

    Ask around, PSI, PTI, training major. Then go for it.
  6. Get a transfer to 144 Airborne Medics, they have units spread all over the country and are always have a fair few blokes on tour. They are part of 16 AA so job is a goodun.

  7. so how long would the pass at P Coy be valid if you did do it then later tried to transfer to a unit with an airborne role.
  8. For the rest of your military career. There is no requirement to re-qualify.
  9. It used to be possible for ordinary ta infantry to get on p coy and then do jumps course though knew a couple who did get on it . Though they were
    very lucky it was a good few years ago and they have stopped going on about it :lol: . But now with the drama in getting people trained to fall out of planes . Unless your job is airborne its beasting yourself pointlessly imho.
    as you wont get to do the jumps course unless santa brought crab air another lot of hercules .
  10. Its bloody hard to get a jumps course at all these days (airborne unit or not). If you really fancy P-Coy ask yourself why? Do you want a badge or do you want to serve with an elite? If your answer comes from anywhere near answer one you are wasting resources my old china.
  11. IMHO if you get a chance to do P Coy then go for it.
  12. If your unit doesn't require personnel to be Airborne trained then you will not get a place on P Company. If you have passed P Company and require a jumps course but you are serving in a unit that doesn't have an Airborne detachment then you have no chance whatsoever of qualifying for your wings.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    There have been a few threads like this one recently, where TA units with no airborne role are offering the chance for their soldiers to attempt P Coy . Why are people so keen to do this if it is not required for their role? Have these units sought approval for this? Who will be doing their pre P Coy beat up? They have very little chance of getting a space on a wings course, and even if they are successful they will only be elligible for the parachute badge without wings (lightbulb).

    Most importantly, why not just transfer to an airborne roled unit?
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Bibo - asked the same question of an Arrser whose Yeomanry unit is offering P Coy. Have no doubt that their PTIs are good, but without the knowledge of the events etc, I question how effective their training will be. (and why on earth they are doing it!).