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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Captain_Carrot, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Do craftsmen, signallers, etc posted to a Para Bn have to do the course? If its voluntary is there a list somewhere you can check?
  2. They don't have to do it.
  3. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Unfortunately no, they don't.
  4. Right. So someone from REME for instance, could tell me he's done it but be fibbing? Right, what about the checking part?
  5. They have to parade with their PCS trousers on back-to-front with the fly undone...squeal like a pig!

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  6. I never said he was claiming to be from 3 Para Mortars!
  7. Confront him, he'll either cry like a little girl or punch your teeth through the back of your head.
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  8. Just go "Para para in the sky all you prove is shit can fly" Guess it all depends what your face looks like at end of it if he has or not.
  9. a set of wings on his right arm might be a starter
  10. Look a bit out of place on a workshirt lol! No I'm sure he was in, in his corps, but he says he got posted, did P Coy, then transferred. Doesn't seem to know much infantry stuff is all. BUT could be a mong - we had several - so was looking for a little proof. But I'm not losing any sleep over it, he seems a decent bloke, just don't like being fibbed to!
  11. any shit airborne tatts
  12. I was hoping for something a bit more concrete. According to mine I'm made of barbed wire (it was a good idea at the time!)
  13. Combat indicators like shape and colour of beret (yes I know they wear maroon ones too, but I always noticed it seems to be a slightly deeper red). Those who have done P Coy tend to have it peaked, sometimes looking like they have a maroon dinner plate on their head and other times pulling it off. They also have a neat little bow in the ribbon.

    Wings, the internet-hunted PCS Para smock, tattoo, wearing of airborne/maroon t-shirts to every single outing away from camp or phys session, para-oriented posters in room - if he sports most or all of the above, he surely wouldn't be able to survive in a 16AA unit without being mercilessly ridiculed by all the serving members who have completed P Coy?

    That raises another question - when I was at leccy I saw a few lads from the actual Para Regt who had normal shaped berets (but proper cap badge). It always seems to me that guys from other cap badges who do P Coy tend to want to have everything as 'airborne' as possible - including berets, no matter what the colour. I've seen old pics of Paras and their berets aren't peaked. Where did that even come from? Or is that another thread altogether?
  14. I guess that's another thread for the Old and Bold. Anyway, we're both out & I'm unlike to see his gaff so I don't know what's hanging off his wall. Thanks tho!
  15. Although the closest I've ever come to the Parachute Regiment was stagging on at HMP Rollestone with a Para, I can guarantee your workmate is lying, you should punch him repeatedly while shouting, "Where's your 7/16 Wrench"?
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