p coy?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bateson, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. This might be a dope question, but i realy want to know ive looked alot! but cant the kind of answer im looking for.
    i am looking to join the infantry, but i would like to know if it is possable, if so how hard is it to do, to transfer to the paras or do P-coy.

    if it is would you have to permently transfer so you become a para, or would you just serve with them sometimes, but go back to your home reg?

  2. I can't answer the transferring into the paras question, but depending on the course availability you can do p-coy, get your wings and do attachments on deployments, or either simply join the para regiment itself,
  3. Why dont you just join PARA? It would save a lot of time
  4. Bearing in mind i've seen one of my mates in the signals with one of his lads wearing the maroon beret, so obv hes done p company and earned the wings and the maroon beret itself, thats showing hes done and passed p company.

    OOOPS! Apparently wearing a maroon beret is only showing you've passed p company, not passed parachute training done by the RAF at Brize Norton... I'm assuming hes still a hard ****** either way!
  5. Not the case, I still weep inside when I remember watching a gross chick pull on a maroon lid and adjust her over sized smock on exiting the cookhouse at Blandford :)
  6. i know certain trades can do p coy and work with the paras, signals,R.E, etc, its just ive never seen anything refuring to an infantry man doing p coy other and one who has traind as a para from day one.
    at the moment in my eyes im not fit enough, but my application is quite advanced im just waiting for a date to basic now, hence my question because id love to serve with them.
  7. line reg 'hats' can just do p-coy after their time at 1 ITC (instead of 2 ITC PARA) and join 2 or 3 PARA.

    Just ask Shandy the Guffer if he still posts on this sight (fomer para depot PTI and gobsh1te)

    You will be hated by some for not going through the depot though

    also, you thought about RM? a more dynamic, longer and arduous basic training than Line Infantry by a significant amount, and also by some measure compared to that of para depot.

    also, regardless of what many people will tell you on arrse, the RAF reg operate and undergo a longer and more arduous basic training cycle than line infantry at 1 ITC also
  8. are ok so you mean right after phase two training?

    what about if you dont do it then, can you do it at any time during your career?
  9. I doubt you will get to do it straight from ITC, but after maybe 2 years in your hat regiment, and prob a tour or 2, you could p1ss p-coy and join 2 or 3 para.

    or if you join the Rifles, you can jump onto the AACC and be a Army Commando, and forget about the self inflated para reg?
  10. Imagine being a p-coy qualified Inf soldier with the green beret... wings and the commando dagger... so ally, you'd have all the fat birds on your case
  11. Its not just serveing with an elite team that appels to me.
    my recruiter has adviced that i look at other things than just the infantry as my three choices were all infantry.
    im quite a clever guy and he thinks i may get bored, once i get to a battalion.

    if you have any insight into regular life in a battalion id also be much abliged.

  12. Ever thought of ammo tech? That's where the hard lot are
  13. Its 1ITB and 2 ITB and regarding RAF reg dont talk ******* shite.Come back and post when you know what your talking about, i was R.Irish and now Rifles im a Pl Sjt and been to ITC and also done PCoy so i am fully qualified to say your talking out of your hoop.To the bloke that wants to do P Coy either join Para reg or go to ! R.Irish or 5 Scots they are part of 16 AAB and also have slots as Inf on P Coy.
  14. ...... im in the infantry forum for a reason pal
  15. Join a TA infantry unit first and do your phase 1 and CIC and you'll get a taste of at least the more hands on side of training, than think about doing SAS selection... and if you enjoy the idea of running around in all weathers, carrying shed loads of weight, and being hated by muslim extremists and being turned away from pubs and clubs for flashing a MOD90, than the Infantry is for you