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  1. Ill be heading to Catterick in August though not as a para ( my family would never forgive me) . Just wondering how long you have to wait if at all before you can apply to do your p coy after completeing CIC?
  2. Why not go Para Reg in the first place?
  3. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    aha family would never forgive you?
    Is that because you cant use the search function on this site!
  4. I want to go 1 R IRISH, though i want to be an airbourne 1 R IRISH grunt.
  5. Do one 'Wah' boy.

    You suck at this, very badly.
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Good luck, with 1Royal Irish , and maybe with the Airborne Forces
  7. I didnt think that was a difficult question! Something new every day eh?
  8. The second you leave phase 2 you present your picture of your grange hill badge to the nearest instructor and he will pre-load you.

    If you can quote the numbers of 'confirmed' on the 19 April 1972 you go to the front of the queue
  9. It depends on what R.Irish want to do with you once you get to them. Spaces on P- Coy are few and far between these days, more so for the actual BPC. Although R.Irsh are 16AAB they still don't carry out the Airborne role or have a requirment for "winged up" soldiers so I imagine it isn't a priority for them to load blokes onto the course. After all the Para Battalions have to wait their turn to get blokes onto it.

    If your that bothered about being "Airborne" then you wouldn't let your familys opinions get in the way of joining the Paras .
  10. Well when i did my ADSC last november i was about 30 sec shy of para grade so i just took my second option which was 1 R IRISH, i am now however doing my 1.5 mile in 8.50 and have hit the general fitness hard since then. Obviously theres no chance of changing to para's before i go to catterick, this is why i asked.

    Cheers for giving a constructive answer.