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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Panoptes, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Evening gents,

    Some of you willl have read my post on the TA forums so will know the score but I'll explain to the rest and hopefully get some good advice from you guys. (I tried the search facility, but I think my question is specific enough to warrant its own topic).

    I'm hoping to do Exercise Airborne Student (end March/early April). This includes a section of doing the TA P Coy.

    Currently I have 2 dilemma (dilemmi/dilemmas... sp?)

    1. I am running 1.5 milers in 9.40/30 and need to achieve sub 9?

    2. I have a 10 week trg program (people may or may not be familar with it but its availible on ArmyNet or I can PM you) and need to be fit enough in 64 days (maths is against me).

    I do have a basic level of fitness as deomonstrated by my "reasonable" PFT time and I can easily pass pressups and situps.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Can I get my PFT time down in time to sub 9?
    2. Can I shorten the program to 8 weeks by cutting out the first 2 weeks or a variation on that, given that i have a basic level of fitness at the moment?
    3. Do you have any differnt advice which may help?

    I appreciate your time and effort in reading the topic and hope you can be of help.


  2. Will the 8 week program in fighting fit get me fit enough in time for example?

    And in fighting fit does easy run just mean jog? or would you recommend a distance?

  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    There is only one person that can answer that question - you.

    It is down to how much you are willing to push yourself, your recovery rate, tendency to injuries etc.

    Stop flapping or getting your excuses in early (but I did the course and it didn't work - boo hoo)- and start running.
  4. You will manage 9 weeks in 63 days, so my advice is start running on week 8 with an MOD issue locker filled with breeze blocks strapped to your back - job done and seriously fkn fighting fit at the end of it !! :D
  5. Phone any Airborne unit and they will give you a program, but you can of course do what we all did in the old days is get on with it and pass, it seem to work for me and all of my mates too!!
  6. Stop fannying around and get on with it. Then you will find out what a dilemma really is.
  7. Get running.And when you get back,go for a run.
  8. Pan,

    Have you gota copy of this training prog,

    i've tried a few different ones over the last few months and ended up just doin my own thing, between gym, swiming and lots of running!

    Have you tried interval training? Run then sprint, I've started doin it and it does knacker me abit more than just running. I think thats my aim, if I don't come back knacked I know I haven't done enough. Distances are no longer a problem and I can handle a 10 mile run without any problems, but now I need to reduce my times, hence the interval training.

    like everyone else says, put the hours in and you should see the results... but by how much, who knows??
  9. .......Then when you finish that start running in the shower !! 8)
  10. The only way that you'll get this done is by getting the miles run. You need to grow the strength in your legs. As noted above, run, run and then do some more running. And then run.
  11. Mile and a half times are actually not that relevant to P. Coy. You should be go to ITC knowing you can easily do a ten miler and a two miler in their respective times.

    You'll need a high level of overall fitness to be abl to do two events a day too.

    As PX4LLP said run then run some more, hill sprints work well. As do circuits. Think high intensity but short duration. Don't thrash yourself in the first few weeks either. It's easy to overtrain and pick up an injury.
  12. like everyone has said

    run... run... and run abit more

    you know your on the right track when:

    you don't know some characters are on cori or eastenders
    you see the pub freqently everynight, but only as you run past
    you get bord of doin 10 mile runs
    you manage to fit in a 3 mile run after the 'school run' in the morning
    your gym instructor cant keep up
    you adopt a daft running related nickname
    your time drops by a couple of min in a couple of months
    you no longer ask 'how can i reduce my times' cos you know the answer will be get running

    how that helps :wink:
  13. Hey,

    Thanks for the "Stop flapping and get on with it." I've already started last week and have a good base to work on from before so there no danger of me delaying to the point of inevitably failing.

    I was just wondering whether the program online would allow me to reach that standard in time, thats all.

    By the way I know it run run run, tab tab tab, but should I stick some upper body work in there aswell maybe once or twice a week (other than the daily regime of pressups and situps)?

    The program is on ArmyNet if you search "Exercise Airborne Soldier" and follow the links. Or else you can PM me your e-mail and I'll be happy to send it to you.


  14. Alrite mate,

    I'm in kind of the same boat as you. Im running 1.5 mile in 9.20 and want to get it to sub 9 before i head up to selection. I've been told my times good, not to worry and my time will most likely improve when im actually there.

    All i have been told is to jog at a nice easy pace for at least 40 mins ( a pace where you could have a talk while running) and do a bit Fartlek training on it. I was worried because i wasnt running quickly and thought my 1.5 mile time would go down, but supposably it wont. Fingers crossed.

    I should be going up to ADSC in a couple of weeks so we'll soon find out lol
  15. What the fack are you doing online? Get running lad.