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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by adampoo, May 22, 2007.

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  1. hello all,
    im on my pre para in sept, has anyone got any training programs or owt like that kicking about? i know you all get sick of people asking the same dumb questions etc etc.

    i know about all the tests etc, but i just wanna see if im heading in the right direction, all hints and tips appreciated (no hat jokes)
  2. if you go to the parachute regiment webiste they have a programme on it.
  3. Buy a book called "Fighting Fit" by Adrian Weale (a couple of quid from Amazon). Although it says SAS in large writing on the front, it includes a number of military fitness programmes including one designed specifically for people going to P-Coy. I'm using it at the moment to train and I can't recommend it enough.
  4. I actually just received that book in the mail. Its pretty good although they gu has never served in the military apparently. Some stuff he skims over the surface of but generally its a pretty good no siht book and does the job..

    So in short, I second that.

  5. dont worry about fancy training programs, just get the miles on your legs.
  6. Sorry to 'gate-crash' this forum :D but I am just waiting to start Para Coy at ITC Catterick so that book sounds like a good idea. Any other hints and tips before i go?
  7. Well the training program for P company in Fighting Fit is 8 weeks long so it might be a bit late for you to use it.. if not go ahead and buy it its cheap and pretty good for what it is.

  8. I wouldn't call it "Para Coy" when you get there mate!! It's Pegasus Company! Best bet is shit loads of running. My goal before was to be able to run hard and fast for 50 mins. Thereafter grit your teeth, pop the brufen and beast it!!
  9. There is a programme on the FatMan site here. Crap site but the programme looks decent.

    Anyhow, good luck mate.

  10. He will be in PARA coy
  11. I'm going in the Welsh Guards but when i'm in there i'm goin to do P-Coy and be a Guards Paratrooper in the Guards Parachute Company 8)
  12. Don't you mean Platoon?

    and just for your info read the following quote:

    "Competition to join the Guards Parachute Platoon is extremely fierce. Not only does the individual have to be fit and robust, he must also display a high standard of basic infantry skills. As part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, there is no room in the Guards Parachute Platoon for ‘passengers’.

    All those wishing to try for a place in the Guards Parachute Platoon should express their interest via their Platoon Staff and Company Commander. You will then attend the Pre-Parachute Selection cadre which is run two or three times a year. Those who are deemed suitable for selection will then attend ‘P’ Company. If you are successful on ‘P’ Company, you will then be eligible for service with the Guards Parachute Platoon"

    Like it says, competition is fierce. probably 30 or so places in a platoon being fought for by the entire Guards Division...............

    I wouldn't hold my breath if i was you civpop. :wink:
  13. U don't even know me so don't judge my skills i've just as much chance as anyone else + I'd eat Paras 4 breakfast and i've just digested and shat out a Marine from lunch :twisted:
  14. Oh dear god this has got to be a Wah.
  15. Let me get this right, you are a civvy yes?

    Well come back when you've done a bit of time in green and tell us how you can eat Paras for breakfast and shite out Marines..................

    Can of worms well and truly opened by yourself there young Walter.

    Cue the Para Reg lads and the Royal boys............................................. :p :p :p :p :p