p coy questions

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by rememonkey, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. im going to do p company hopefully next year, i have loads of questions to ask (would at the unit ut they are all a bunch of wasters)
    have any of you guys done/attempted it?

    i want to know what specific tests are i.e weight carried, distance to be marched etc..

    its just so i can structure my training a little bit more

    any advice whatsoever would be great !!
  2. 3 bits of advise

    put one foot in front of the other

    never back off when miling

    remember no one wants to die a hat
  3. ha ha very funny, im new to this site there are a few knocking around, havent been on the interweb much. im not goldie i dunno who that is. any other advice
  4. Maybe you can help me then, rememonkey. Have been thinking about it myself, but I know fcuk all about the tests... I know there is a 30 mile tab, but don't know what time limits are, or about any of the other tests. :(

    Might even be useful for others if you put it in here, that way everyone can refer to it. If any of it is "sensitive", then pm me please.


  5. P coy is a killer rememonkey. I'm sure a few guys in here will keep you straight on all the in and outs of what to expect. Just remember not to push too hard in the first few days as they only expect you to get better with time. You will be required on your beastings to take the lot so prep yourself and ensure good care for all the bits that get tender when you beast yourself at home.
  6. yeah i konw what you mean mate, one of the lads said exactly the same, i just want a guide as to what totrain for
  7. Pick a steep hill. Keep running up it until some small para reg DS tells you to stop. on no account tell him he's a knob as that does not constitute a pass,

    " P Coy No. 11""
    "Sit down gob shiite"

  8. monkey,
    How long have you been in? Are you ready for P Coy? You say all the blokes in your unit are all wasters, where is that, so I can avoid it on my next posting with my bag of spanners. PM me if you want. 8)
  9. any where in wattisham mate, especially if your a VM etc, you wont get on with most of the techs
  10. Rayc

    Rayc RIP


    I am not from your army.

    Just curious.

    What is P coy?

  11. rayc......................."what is p coy?" something you can only aspire to!!

    rememonkey, pm me, searching through kit at weekend, found p coy build up programme, a build up 4 week training programme, with procession runs, distances, times, etc. let me know your email, i'll scan it and send it, should be of use to you!

    its never too early to start training
  12. P Coy is Para Selection, where men of steel get beasted by Sky gods prior to being used as playthings by 3 Para Mortar Platoon. It comprises several interesting physical tests including a little thing called milling where you get bashed around the ring more times than Boy George! There are also Speed Marches (Tabbing) (TAB= Tactical Advance to Battle) A Log race, a Stretcher Race, Assault Course, Steeplechase and a little confidence test called the Trainasium which is a high scaffold with leaps and jumps to scare you. Due to the intensity of the training and testing, stress fractures and injuries are a major hazard as is gobbing off to the P Coy staff! If you pass, you then go off to RAF Brize norton to get your blue wings, shortly after this you get your brown wings if you get posted to 3 para.
  13. aaaaaaah, 3 reg mortars, brings a tear to my eye!
  14. And a tear to your Big brown eye no doubt!