P Coy Or All Arms Commando Course

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Jamie_Mayer, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I am taking my BARB test tommorow and hopefully will score high enough for my job choice of Carpenter in the RE. I was just wondering how long you have to wait after pasing phase 1/2 a trade training before you are allowed to attempt P COY or the all arms commando course? and if your trade has anyting to do with how likely you are to be allowed to attempt either of these courses?

  2. Trade generally has bog all to do with it. You can go on to P Coy or the AACC straight after phase 2 (the beat ups anyway) depending on when your artisan trade course is. Depends on your fitness as to wether its a good idea to do it then or not.

    Or you could just go to a unit for a few months first to get a bit of experience (drink beer and get fat!) :)
  3. trade has nothing to do with getting a place .
    just fitness and attitude .
    mind you , see how you feel after you pass phase 2
    good luck.
  4. Isn't there some sort of length of service before specialisation or having to have reached a certain stage? Beats me, but good luck, and CHOOSE the right one ;) (Cough cough do you like water or falling from the sky cough), it's as simple as that ;) (as if)
  5. you could always do the diving cse all the phys and you get to wear rubber for a living.
    only joking its a case of horses for courses to attempt any of them.
  6. Do them both.......back-to-back.
  7. sandbanks your so cruel :)
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  9. Do you really need to do both? Do the AACC and then apply for Airborne Forces as your second posting as AACC or Selection are qualifying courses for the Basic Jumps Course at Brize so no need to do P Coy at all - Sorted.
  10. As has been mentioned on this site before, if you go to an airborne unit with your wings up, but without having done P-Coy (or doing so when you are posted in), you life will be made a misery.
  11. now you are talking. :D :wink: :D :wink:
  12. Then followed by the divers course immediately afterwards. :twisted:
  13. Then do the chefs course, as para, commando, diver you may be the first to pass!
  14. Then do selection immediately....as soon as you are badged resign join the RM and go for SBS!!