P Coy documentary, channel 4

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by luke, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. it's been about for a while, but it is a great watch.

    Lasts 50 minutes if i remember right, gives a good insight into P Coy in my opinion - however it was made in 1992.
  2. I have heard apparantley things have softened up a bit after the move to catterick!!!!
  3. I watch it every night before I go to bed... can't sleep unless a DS sings a lullaby to me ("Standbyyyyyyyy GOOOO"). It's a pretty accurate doc - I was up there in February, and it all looked grotesquely familiar!
  4. Is there a system to buy/download these documentary clips from Ch4?

    I thought it was made before 1992 - I recognise the OC and a few of the PTIs & victims. Looks more like '87-'89 timeframe.

    I'll probably get flashback nightmares tonight - being beasted up the spider and around Long Valley. Do you think you can claim for P-Coy induced PTSD......?
  5. Knew the Oic as a captain, bloody good bloke
  6. Have it on video.... One of the blokes on the course was my DS on pre-para years later! Top bloke!

    Always remember the nob on the trinasium... lost me bottle staff... nobber!
  7. Videos are fcukin out now, Is there a DVD Release of it? COS I WANNITT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hats off to the guys who do P Coy. Personally I am petrified of heights!
  9. Ah them were the days quality line during the milling "All you are missing young man is a handbag" classic lines.
  10. My old dear showed me this video when iwas younger as a deterrant my crap hat brother tried to convince my old dear the regt wasn't the place for me but this video only spurred me on and i now mock my brother whenever i get the chance!!! "You'll never make it" 24 weeks later.................... "oh oh well done bruv" my response "nah i won't shake you hand haroldo"
  11. Just spent 50 mins watching this great doc (Roman Numerals at the end confirm 1992 by the way). I have no contact with para-trained guys normally, but just wonder how much of it has changed, ie: up on the heights without helmets, milling. Do the health and safety Nazis let it go on these days?
  12. Agreed; but don't worry about the height, it's the ground that kills you :wink:
  13. you have to wear helmets on the trainasium (heights) and the milling is still done it's not allowed to be filmed though for the recruits/all arms video they give you at the end!!!!
  14. My uncle is one of the guys on the documentary, he may have a copy. I'll check with him when he gets back from the sandy place and can email copies if I can get it onto my computer.