P Coy- Bergen weight

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gorilla, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. What is the weight carried during the All Arms P-Coy for the tabs?
    Many Thanks
  2. 35lbs plus water. I was carrying 41/42lbs.
  3. Over 9000.
  4. Instuctions say 35lb + water and rifle

    But it was 37lb + water and rifle last time I done it. Was the same for a mate of mine who done it 2 year ago. Not overly sure how hard and fast the rules are on this??
  5. Depends on the event. PM Sandy-hes the SME.
  6. 35 lbs + full water bottle, rifle with magazine.
  7. and at the end of the tab, your water bottle must be full...
  8. or else you do it again
  9. It used to be a kitlist not a weight, it worked out at around 40-45lb's I think.
  10. Why's that then?
  11. Because they do it in 'band of brothers'???