Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Plankcore, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering, what are the opportunities of doing the AACC or P Coy in infantry like? Also, are there any specific eyesight requirements? (Slightly short sighted, wear glasses although not entirely necessary!)

    Cheers folks, you're a grand help for us civvies trying to escape our pish existence. :p
  2. I wanna do the same except im going in the Sappers. U going in the paras then?
  3. Nah, Royal Regiment of Scotland. 1 SCOTS preferably.
  4. Sounds good! U wanna apply for SF selection as well?
  5. Eh, doubt it. Just wondering what'd be open to me.
  6. I dunno to be honest, all i know is that you can do it in the sappers. My old boxing trainer was a royal anglian, then did p-coy but then ended in 3 Para so i guess you can probably do it.
  7. 59(Cdo) Sqn

    Gents, get in first, get trade training out of the way. Then worry about attempting either of the above.

    Good luck


    p.s As for wanting to go SF, both Sqns are well represented in those circles.
  8. Plank...I'm 1SCOTS and I'm Commando trained too....you need to find a job working with Marines though for AACC, be it in 3 Cdo Bde or other. As for P Coy, only if you're headed for 5 SCOTS or 16AA Bde.
  9. Braw, what I wanted to here. Cheers bud! Hows life up at Dreghorn?