P-Coy/AACC...................ideal age!?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BennyBlanco, Aug 14, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering of all u lads that have partaken in these courses,if u found your age a factor........does the added spring of youth....or the mental strength of age have a bearing!!??

    Or does it just come down to the individual.....and a carcophony of factors???
  2. Age is a factor. Unless you are a Padre, do not try P Coy after your late 30's. That said, when I did it as a 22 year old I had a great time (penultimate AA course before the move to Catterick, where people have said it got harder for a while??). Contrary to what many believe, I do not think that you have to be ultra-fit to pass: you just need to be a stubborn person who doesnt know who your father is, and realise that the course is passable - if not, how come thousands have passed over the years?

    There were a couple of fit older guys (late 30's) and they did ok, but then they were damn fit. Injuries are a bugger, and a low level of fitness makes these more likely. If you get injured early on then you are screwed as there is no time to recover. Younger lads find it easier to carry an injury. Entry level of fitness: if you do a CFT in 90 mins and an extra 10kgs, without feeling aches the next day, then you are doing ok. If you do a normal CFT (the 8mile one) and feel it in your muscles then you are not fit enough (by a long way).

    Balls of steel are vital. I was amazed at the number of muppets who should have been able to p*ss the course, but after their first bit of fun with the log would collapse and whine. Head down, never give an excuse or drip and dont be a cnut to those around you and you should do ok. Remember you can be failed for attitude as well as physical failings (as happened to an old Sgt of mine: passed it 2nd time though). Now that they are letting birds on the course you might even be able to get a sh@g, rather than being f*@ked by some monster from the Milan platoon behind the Pegasus bar.
  3. Just read this and noted it was from 2005, whats the max age now days?
  4. Don't attempt it if you're pushing a zimmer frame...

    Otherwise; preparation and motivation are the key. If you've trained hard and correctly and you're utterly determined to pass you probably will.
    Like any other challenge in life.

    I knew a bloke who passed at 36. He reckoned he would have failed if he'd attempted it at 20. Age is irrelevant. P Coy is not just about fitness, they are looking for aggressive, stubborn, bloody minded individuals who will go the extra mile and not whinge about it or let their section mates carry the burden.

    The process is designed to select men who can fight as light infantry behind enemy lines and acomplish specific tasks - usually against the odds.
  5. younger the better for p-coy.

    but remeber you still have to walk after you leave the corps & they will not give a flying feck once you have left.

    mate of mine, ex 9sqn, had to have plastice knees fitted before he was 30.

    go for it.
  6. But on the bright side!!!!
  7. child cancer.
  8. Humm, on that note i will seek answers somewhere else.
  9. surely age isnt important, as 16 and 17 year olds join both the paras and marines straight out, and thats just as tough, if not tougher.
  10. WHAT :? :? :? :?
  11. As if i would dare go anywhere else knocker :)
  12. I passed P-coy when I was 18 but there were lots of men on the coures a lot older than that.

    I think as long as you are fit and have the right atitude age is not that much of a factor.
    I think the problem that older men might have on the course is that they wont carry the injurys as well as younger blokes.

    A guy I know who is still in the RE as far as I know went about 7 or 8 miles of the 18 miler with a fractued leg.He had to TAB through the water stops because if he stoped he would not be able to go again.I dont think it is as brutal as it was but you got to expect to pick up a few bumps and bruses on the way.

  13. Was he a jock with an English accent by any chance?
  14. no mate, grey haired res spec.
  15. Cor.. my mate didn't get up to P coy.. he left after 8 weeks at the age of 17 because he say 17 year olds get different treatment at Catterick ;)

    Hmm... :eek: