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Recruiting_Office_reject said:
The website is down. Is this the one that was made a few years ago or is it a new programme ?
The website was nobbled as part of the exercise. Now they can run down muddy tracks with telegraph poles unoticed by the civilian enemy.
AWOL_and_loving_it! said:
I wish I could watch it but unfortunately I'll be in bed getting a bit of sleep for the 20 miler tomorrow on P company!
Film it as you run round,then in future times flog it to some TV company,fly on the wall stuff :) good luck,enjoyed your blog.
I often remind a mate that he said ' it was more painful than giving birth to triplets'! His wife often looks in despair at him for saying that, pity I can't tell him in time that its on tonight.
muhandis89 said:
In the Channel 4 documentary,the trainasium looks a lot less rickety than when it was in the 'Shot!!!
It was still in the Shot but they'd moved it to Depot Para as where it was originally behind the officers club was getting a bit of a hazard as local kids were climbing on it and falling off it! Bless em!
Thanks for the info.The last time I was in the 'Shot,some years ago,the Officers Club seemed to have been turned into some kind of hotel.I remember,when doing P Coy,that one of the instructors shook the bottom of one of the poles on the trainasium,to show us how flexible it was! On the shuffle bars we were required to remove some item of kit,from our backpacks,before shuffling off the end.It looks now as if candidates do not wear any kit,on the trainasium?I guess there are probably some safety nets etc,now that the HSE nazis have arrived?
Until a few years ago, the remains of the old tranasium were still there behind the officers club, its featured in the series the paras,.Was used until late 80s, before a new one was built in browning barracks. Dont know if any of the old original tranasium is still there, I doubt it.

The doco from cutting edge brings back a few memories, as my dad knew most of the DS.

A few years ago, I bumped into a royal engineer who took part in the show...he failed aswell..2 times.
Didn't it look dated and it was only 15 years ago! Spoke to the P Coy CSM featured on it only last week, he still lives here in the Shot. Recognised a fair few blokes on it.
No2, a man named Capt J*m f*****t from the Royal Signals, i remember him comong round our house in Deutschland, when he was my dads 2ic. Awesome bloke. And he passed!!

''all you are missing young man is a hand bag''

Anyone know where any of the men from the programme are now. I'm sure one of them used to be an SPSI at my TAC ?

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