Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Be_The_Best, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. What happens if you fail and how many attempts are allowed?
  2. I get the impression that you get as many attempts as you want, on a doc i seen some man was there on his 2nd attempt and failed the trainasium and as he was leaving the instructors were shouting see you in january "you must be a perv" etc
  3. Confused & scared on the first jump
    $hit myself on the 2nd jump
    Pi$$ed myself on the 3rd jump....

    After all that .....no problem became a poof!!!! :twisted:
  4. I know someone who did six and was told to stop wasting his and their time. He is a policeman now.
  5. I know you get 3 attempts at AACC but not sure about AAPPS, hopefully we'll only need 1!!
  6. You shouldnt worry about how many times you can do it you should be determind to do it in 1.
  7. but what happens if i fail because im doin catterick as a para after harrogate so what happens am i sent back to catterick until there is another course?
  8. Be_The_Best, when are you attempting it? Have you got any dates yet?
  9. Do it again 8)
  10. Well.. i'd certainly fail! :p

  11. That was on the all-arms P coy documentary that cutting edge did in early 90s.
  12. If you fail P Coy, you're backsquadded and you will attempt it again. If you fail again, you're backsquadded and you attempt it again.

    This cycle will continue until you either pass or they transfer you to a line infantry regiment or they tell you to **** off out the army.

    Hope this helps!