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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Chaps, help please....

    How easy is it, if you have a blokes Regi number name and unit is it to check if he attended and completed the all arms P company cse?
  2. Should be very simple - a date would help - should be held on PAMPAS forms ( or always used to be) and a copy of all paperwork is at Glasgow anyhow..
    Suggest a friendly clerk or if you believe this person is a fraud go via the local SIB.
    Also you could ask pay records if the person was ever in receipt of parachute pay..

    Good luck..
  3. Yep,

    1 x regtl no, 1 x friendly sqn/coy clk and a UNICOM terminal, will tell you all you need to know.
  4. Mighty,

    The admin clerk at the jumps cse (where ever that is nowadays) holds the records of all personnel who have attended and passed the course. Haven't a clue where the HQ is nowadays, maybe someone on here can tell you. Plus I'm sure your given a certificate on passing. Does this person have one?
  5. All it takes is one phone call to PCAU (Parachute Course Administration Unit) at RAF brize Norton. A guy on here called Harry Webster did just that a few months ago and outed a WO2 at the School of Artillery who was bluffing his case.
    Certificates isn't such a good one to go off, as they can and do go missing. The records at Brize is the way forward, to see if the individual attended the jumps course.
    It has been known for individuals to complete P Coy, but not attend their jumps course. In that case, check with P Coy in Catterick, where their records are held along with a course photograph.
  6. I'd try P Coy staff first off, PCAU will hold records of attendees but that does not mean the individual did P Coy.

    Do you know which Regt he's claiming to be from?.......if it's Para Regt get him to send me a PM I'll know if he's bluffing, if he claims to be support arms then manning & records is your best bet.

    To be honest simple stuff like where and when did he serve will catch him out.
  7. Ex trog so not Para Regt..

    Thanks for the feedback, happen to know a friendly clerk.... although all clerk are gay :D

    Will let you know later in the week if we have outed a bluffer
  8. Nice one MDN there are a few questions that you can ask so called BBC wearer on the Gunner page under "Badgewearers have they really done the course", Which would save you from getting over friendly with your clerk. PCAU is at Brize and they have every P Coy photo at P Coy if you have a spare day to kill at ITCC.
    Happy Hunting
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Go for it M-D-N and please tell us the result (even if the bloke has done the business). Too many bluffers out there. Perhaps someone might do the whole of the RAF Regt as well!!
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    MDN - have you nailed this bloke yet??
  11. partly on topic. If some one dose the TA P Company and Jumps. Then goes reg dose he need to do the course again or can he still have his wings?
  12. Chimera read the feed a Walt to the Para thread....... he has been rumbled
  13. ffw, Yes. TA P Coy dosen't count in the Regs. He can still wear his wings, but is better keeping quiet about it till he passes P Coy.
  14. I thought that would be the case. Thanks.