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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by marine eng, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Can you do the all arms pre parachute selection and wear the maroon beret if you are not in 16 air assault brigade?

  2. You wouldn't wear the pink lid after attending pre-para.
  3. No.
  4. a. You get nothing for "Selection" - you have to pass the course!
    b. Maroon beret is for Para Regt or pers serving in an Para-unit - leave or not posted there = standard headwear.
    c. Strictly, unless you're in date or have done an Operational jump, you shouldn't be wearing the wings.....
    d. Do the AA Cdo cse - a dagger is awarded in perpetuity.
    e. Similar rules as maroon beret.
    e. Anyone wearing something contrary to the above is a bullshitter!
  5. can you do the course though and then do the 3 week basic parachute course.
  6. Quite a bit of your post is bollocks.
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  7. Can you come back tomorrow please. Firday afternoon is the traditional "wah" period.
  8. Unless posted to a training unit.
    You now wear the "Army Commando" mud guards instead of the dagger in combats.
  9. If you'd care to expand....Then maybe back it up with the appropriate Reference (you'd be surprised at how much common practice is in contravention).....Then I'll more than happily retract my post.
  10. Wings are worn in perpetuity.
  11. only there? not in barracks?
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  12. I wore mine in Aldershot, never went to Perpertuity though, is that the Guards Depot?
  13. Its next to pergatory, where 2 Sqn RAF Regiment are stationed!
  14. Really? Not unless the Regs have been amended in the last few months - when, if ever, have you had cause to read them? I have no probs with guys wearing hats and badges if they've passed the relevant cses, but that's not the same as being "Correct". Devil's Advocate and all that...
  15. X59

    X59 LE

    "operational jump" ? Not many of them bad boys around.
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