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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but was the closest one i could find ....

i am looking to do p company and want to bid for pcoy. my courses clerk is useless and doesn't have a clue about any courses, iv got some forms to fill in but i don't really know who the form is going to get sent to, where pre para is .. i know that p company is at Catterick. Is there a site i can bid myself to save a lot of hassle? non dii site preferred..

Thanks Adam

If you access to DII, go onto the intranet and type in AAPPS in capitals.
It will bring up several results, scroll down until you find 2010-2011 AAPPS DIN.
Once you open this it will tell you the overview of the course the Civilain Clerk who is the point of contact (she is very good ) and the basic courserequirements with two attachments listed below
1) Course dates
2) Application Form

PM me if you have any dramas with it


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