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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Camm1, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Ok i know this is a bone question but it was the topic of disussion last night
    Have any females done P Company?

    I thank you


    This in not a wah, its just that i drew the short straw and got to post the question. :oops:
  2. Thousands. And when they pass they go to 2 Para.
  3. Fair one :D

    Seriously though any info greatfuly received

  4. I could tell you,but then I'd have to hit you with my handbag
  5. I cracked it second time round, had a few issues with the Master Chief and was a bit put out when he smashed me all over the shower block but all in all a good experience.
    Its f*cked my hips though, alas, Ill certainly never be capable of having a baby with a West Indian gentleman.
  6. I thought a nice little discreet post away from 'The Naafi' , save me getting all sorts of crap, just get the answer and it will all be over.

  7. No women have passed, gen up. There has been a few attempts.

    Although recently a very gay sapper I know passed who in the half light of a pompey disco looks like Dame Helen Mcarthur.
  8. Thanks Reni,

    You a regular in pompey discos then?

  9. 3 Para Mortars all passed P Company. No one was ever sure what sex/sexuality they were. They did a cracking time in the handbag race apparently. ;)
  10. I suggest you PM The_Duke if you want a half sensible answer :roll:
  11. I recently shagged a munter who could have passed selection, let alone P Coy. She ripped my top off, asked what the tatt was and when I said ex 1 Para she said, '...you fuckin poof!'
  12. MOD's; as has been requested elsewhere, a bit of fun is to be welcomed and ARRSE would not be the same without it, but can as Camm1 rightly says, he did not post in the NAAFI deliberately, and some of the so called serious forums seem to be heading that way :roll:
  13. or moi :wink:
  14. Don't speak to Sandy, my bezzer mate Mikey Boy Golden told me he only walts at being P coy staff and Mikey whooped his saggy arse on the trainasium and my bad boy Mikey dont lie. innit? :D
  15. At least we didn't wear shell suits? :D