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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mike444, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering from the people who have done P Company what it is like. They always say the minimum 1 1/2 mile run should be done in 9:30 and that you should do 12 heaves and all the rest. But what is good standards to achieve prior to going for P Company so that it will be challenging but not arse busting every minute off the day although it is designed to be hard. Basically what is the best way to train so you do not struggle with the demands of the course.
  2. If you are worried about P company you shouldn't even try matey!!!! commit to the pain and get a grip , it only get harder after youve passed the course and then the really hard work starts!! 8O !!
  3. Why do people always get hung up on the MINIMUM requirements? What is expected, is MAXIMUM effort at all times! If you are wringing your hands, and worrying about a little pain and discomfort (alright, a lot of pain and discomfort! :D ) you might want to consider the AGC. :wink:
  4. its a doddle. :wink:
  5. You don't need to bother with all that P Company nonsense to go parachuting - just join the Marines.
  6. Yeh, cos thats a doddle, right? :D :D
  7. just an attendance course is what i heard :lol:
  8. why not attend it then craphat and see if you make the grade?
  9. wooooh

    here fishy fishy.......

    OK, i will do p coy.....

    .......if you get a degree
  10. Surely not a bite!!!!! :D
  11. I have one thanks :wink:
  12. Do not worry about all these responses from the chaps in stange coloured berets. It really is just a matter of applying yourself and having the determination to get through. The key is good prep early on and then ease off prior to starting the course. Concentrate on speed over intermediate distances (5 miles) and try to get into the hills over the weekend. Beware of the pill popping (anti inflamatries) that some people seem to survive on. They are right prepare to work harder than you have before and maintain a sense of humour and focus on the end. :D
  13. toptip, if youre prone to blisters, spray your feet with deodorant prior to a tab. Sounds toss, but does work.
  14. Agreed and take a good supply of zinc oxide tape for your toes, heels and poss your back depending on how used to tabbing with a bergan you are.