P company

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by fiacra, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. does anyone know if you can do P company as a cadet??
  2. Oh dear.
  3. ;



  4. or do you just join the parachute regiment straight from the civvie street?
  5. The Wah is strong with this youngling... :roll:
  6. Yes you can. Your para smock, Lowa boots, cop vest wearing AI should be able to explain this to you better - once he's removed a 14 year old's penis from his mouth.
  7. sorry bot all the questions...but if you have rank in cadets does it get carried on when you join the real thing....?
  8. because our corporal is a girl...
  9. I think you'll find that 'her' clit is in fact a tiny button mushroom of a penis.
  10. lol...yea...lol...
  11. but some of the older guys say that she'll sleep with you on summer camp if you give her a yorkie from the rat pack...
  12. You do know that April fools stops at 12:00, don't you?

    C- for effort. Must try harder.
  13. That's fcuk all. Your mum sleeps with tramps for roll-ups. 2/10 for one of the most pathetic wind ups ever.

  14. I can do this all day as well son, but you obviously didn't get the message first time round, so now for a bit more illustration:




    bite bite bite bite :)