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  1. If I failed P Company would I be backtrooped or would I get sent home? Would I get the chance to transfer to a different regiment? Would I get to choose the regiment I transfer too? Would I have to start training all over again from week 1?
  2. u shouldnt be doubting urself all ready...im going 4 the paras got my selection on the 6th of this month...im guna pass.. im guna get to catterick...and im guna get through p company...and im guna get the maroon beret....some one asked me the other day wat if u dnt make it wat esle ya guna go 4...my answer was...im guna make it......gud luck m8..just go 4 it!
  3. i think you may get back trooped and train hard so you pass with the platoon your put with when they go for Pcompany...you shouldnt be thinking about what ifs mind...you will recieve the best training the army has to offer off some of the best PTIs and training is meant to be progressive...so by then you should be fit enough to complete Pcompany...just got to get the mental aspect sorted...HAVE FAITH IN YOUR OWN ABILITY! if youve put the work in youll be fine... :wink:
  4. If you think you are going to fail - then the chances are that you will.

    Medics said that you couldnt run the 4 min mile without your heart exploding. Bannister ran it, then suddenly hundreds more managed it. He wasnt a super hero, just knew he could do it.

    How much do you want to be part of the blood clot?

    Anyway, as far as I can remember, you get back squadded to do it again (might have changed now)
  5. There is no harm is thinking through all the possible outcomes and making plans. It isn't expecting to fail, it's being sensible.
  6. you shouldnt doubt yourself, im going for selection soon just waiting on my date and i no i will pass the basic section and i no i will pass the para selection. If u dont then its cause u havent set ur mind to it or u havent trained enough. When i went on the insight course i was told that one bloke did pcompany selection 8 times before he passed, so i have no idea how many times u get to do it
  7. If you fail you'll get sent to either Falklands Plt (If injured) or Browning section (If you just generally failed) until your ready to be returned to training.

    Theres lads that have been stuck trying to pass P Coy for over 2 years (At least when i was up there before reallocating there was).

    As far as I know Hook VC coy that dealt with reallocating people is no more so if you or the para coy staff decide it isn't for you you'll be sent to your local infantry regt.
  8. they wont put you through pcoy if your not ready, so if they think your ready its not beyond your fitness or strength of mind.
  9. If you haven't passed p coy then change your avatar
  10. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    mmm It,s called Backsquading, hopefully you will pass it if you are mentally positive and fit, Choice of regt for transfer, I doubt it, I am sure if you call the CSM P COY Mate , he will drive you home. And as you have not yet passed P coy, please change your avatar :idea:
  11. Really, I didnt realise that when you completed para training your giving your wings for you beret/smock and a small jpeg to use on internet forums.

    Nothing to stop these young boys and girls from showing affiliation to those they aspire to join.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A positive metal attitude is your starter for ten. Thinking of failing before you even begin is not a good sign. If you really want it you will achieve it. If you are thinking of becoming a Para because its some thing you've seen on telly you might not get there.

    A good indicator as to whether you will make it will be if you get selected for Para training, if you do they will see the potential in you to succeed. One step at a time and all that...
  13. My apologies Disco, beer talking on that post :oops:
  14. id suggest he changed the screen name as well :twisted:
  15. When i did mine in 59 there were 74 of us started in the depot,at the end of training only 11 of us finished to be posted to the Battalions.
    Have a positive attitude towards all the physical work you will be required to undertake,and also keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve.
    When you get to the P Company phase remember it is all about individual effort,no one else can or will help you, only your own strength of will can see you through, if not, you will be like those 63 who failed for one reason or another on my course.I wish you well in your endeavours.