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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by George-Wyatt, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello
    im 16 year old and aiming 2 join P company and i just wanted to no what the best way to train for it is as im running 2 miles a day and doing press up and sit ups will this be fine as im going or if i need 2 do more
    and it would be help if eny one has eny tips on keeping my toe's from geting blisters
  2. Quickly edit your post with correct spellings, to avoid abuse on an epic scale!

    I have not done P Coy, but can safely say you need to be doing alot more than 2 miles, press-ups and sit-ups you should be aiming for some high numbers! On the running side you will need to mix things up, I'd say make 3 mile runs a minimum and gradually build up to 10 miles.

    I'm sure someone from the Para's will answer your question in much more detail!
  3. Type in p company on youtube, have a look at what you are expected to do. This should help you as you will actually see the level of fitness and determination needed. I also have not taken p-company and would expect some real para will be able to guide you abit better but its a start while you wait for their replies.

    As for the blisters, i'd be worried about getting them wearing trainers running only 2 mile a day. Maybe you might need to get better trainers, thicker socks or even develop a better running style as two miles in trainers shouldn't be causing blisters lad. In the short term just tape up the area well before runs (idealy with zinc oxide tape)

    Good luck lad and stick at it!

    edited as i'm a mong who didn't read before posting
  4. they only resone i got blissters is because that day i did an edrance run and i ran for over 2h thx for the help
  5. I do believe that George-Wyatt is still in nursery school. Either that or he is has a severe spellng disorder that even Mary Poppins can't solve.

    Edited for incorrect spelling :oops:
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  12. Yes join the AGC
  13. I have not done P Company, however i am going through basic at the moment and you really need to be looking at doing at least 15 miles running a week, aka 3 miles a day. But just go easy on the upper body, aim to do 50 a day. :D