p company training - any pointers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rememonkey, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. im busy traing for p company at the min has anyone done the course, can you give me some details on the tests etc, so i can structure my training more

    what distances do you tab and what weight?

    what do most people fail on??

  2. 100 miles a minute with 2.5 tonnes on your back Most candidates fail by not being able to physically fit 2.5 tonnes in an issue bergen, you hat.
  3. ha ha, how long did it take you to earn your beret?
  4. 10 weeks harry, as opposed to your two weeks of drill.
  5. mine only took, 18 months not long i suppose
  6. 17 months and 2 weeks learning maths doesn't count.
  7. ha ha, i thought all paras were dense, i wish it was just maths and not lookin after all the young lads all the time
  8. its gone quiet
  9. Because you have proven yourself to be a tit.

  10. what are you on about? you dont earn your beret its fukcing issued to you soon as you get yer green kit only para reg has a "BERET QUALIFIER" ie P COY

    christ all mighty on high why oh why do nuggets like this get gobby to the guys that have been there and done it ?