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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by D.P.M, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Hey There Arrse

    Im interested in joining 2 Para when i can

    Im 15 but 16 in Janurary and am Going to go to harrogate next september

    I was going to go for anglians then apply for paras after 2 years or so

    But i have a problem

    When i was a lot younger, i had shallow shoulder sockets

    and ive noticed recently, my press ups have really been painful, in the shoulders

    im pretty certain that its the bones hurting and not the muscles, and im really worried i wont get through P-Company because of it!

    i can only get 40 press ups in 2 mins at army cadet P.T, but the rest of my fitness is perfectly fine!

    Any ideas as to what I can do about it?


  2. D.P.M
    IMHO wait til after you are 18. Allow your bones to harden, and your body to mature just that little bit more. Then give it a throw.

  3. Wait until im 18 for P-company?

    Or Regular Army

    Because i Really want to join the army and nothing i say will sway me from joining at 16, but theres no way id even attempt P-company under the age of 18/19 anyway :D

    because then hopefully the few years of regular army will get me an even better fitness to work towards P-Company :D
  4. So why the 2 PARA capbadge then? Your'e a bit of a cheeky fcuker using that as your avatar considering what the Battalion has just been through in Helmand.

    Do you wear 2 PARA T shirts in the town as well?
  5. So im not allowed to show support and respect for our boys out there?

    not allowed to show my ambitions for an army career?

    and Yes I have a 2 Para Polo shirt, but for your information i Only wear around the house and when doing P.T with my ACF Unit

    Sorry for showing an interestin the army, more specifically to the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment

    Sorry for wanting to make family and freinds proud, especially those in the Paras. :roll:

    People like you make me so keen on joining the army :x
  6. to add

    My good friend Adrian has no problem with me showing the interest or using that as my avatar

    Hes been in 2 para for 11 years
  7. You'll understand where i'm coming from if you ever serve in one of the Battalions.

    Whooppee doo for Adrian. I've been in 3 PARA for 20 years.

  8. Don't you think it is now more than ever that they need support?

    I really don't understand your reaction Fallshirmjager, sorry.
  9. 20 years service, top respect to you

    but I heard the army makes a man of you

    not makes you an angry B****** having a go at 15 year olds showing an interest in a certain regiment to which you have served 20 proud years!
  10. simple, have you actually applied yet?

    you will probably find that a condition like that will be a bar to entry for all capbadges. if shallow shoulder sockets cause significant pain after 40 press ups it will probably cause problems during other activities. last thing somebody needs is using dislocated your shoulder blade attempting to lift something in the middle of a contact
  11. No I havent applied, im down to the careers office on tuesday

    but this was when i was 4, and it didnt affect me in the 3 years I did air cadets

    its just recently

    So im hoping my year of laziness between leaving air and joining army cadets made me a weak Biatch and my muscles will build up!

    I dont want to do anything else in life than join the army :cry:
  12. Mate, wind your neck in. Fallschirmjager has served on operations with the Paras, you haven't.

    You shouldn't go for Harrogate if your body isn't ready. Wait till your 18 and get some civi quals (A-levels, NVQ's etc). It will be better for you in the long run.

    Alternatively, join the Royal Anglians. I know several in there and am joining them myself and they are a good bunch of lads.
  13. I hope you get into the Regt. Many join Para Regt straight from school, though there is more chance of picking up injuries at a younger age.

    I'm not bothered about people having Para capbadges as avatars who aren't in the Regt, though having capbadges specific to Battalions is pushing it a little too far in my honest opinion. As you're a young lad though i can see your point as i was the same at your age.
  14. D.P.M, First of all, I'm not in the Army yet, but (please don't take this the wrong way) I have a little more "life" experience than you :) With regard to your original post, I think the best thing you can do is see what your recruiter says. He/She is the only person that can advise you what to do about this.

    Furthermore, I don't think Fallschirmjager meant any offense by what he said, I just think that there is no........right (forwant of a better term) for someone to affiliate themselves with a particular regiment/battalion until they are actually 'there'. For example, I haven't mentioned/displayed my chosen regiment, as at the moment I don't feel I have earned the right to display their capbadge etc. Please don't take that badly, I understand that you are passionate about the Parachute Regiment (and understandably so).

    That's just my 2 pence, like I said I'm not in the Army yet, so feel free to ignore what I said :)

    One thing that I hope you won't ignore, is my wishing you every luck in your career :)
  15. firstly, DPM cut it out. do not forget that to civvies the soldiers on the news are just pictures, that rememberance day is all a bit distant, but to those of us currently serving, those who make sacrifices (to any degree) in the line of duty are people we know, people we have been on the piss with, guys we have joked and laughed with.

    Fallschirmjager is saying that the 2 para flag represents those who have gone through an awful lot and have earned the respect of everybody under testing conditions. he is taking exception to people (not just you i imagine, the whole range of people who pretend) to trying to associate themself with 2 para in this case, despite not even having taken the first steps to starting to earn the right to be associated with it.
    and in that way i can see where he is coming from.

    now, when you go in ask a careers advise, and they will be able to advise you whether it is a bar to entry.

    and to mazur_uk, getting quals isnt the be all. ok they might help a bit when you get out (however an a-level as your top qual at 30-something is unlikely to get you an amazing job seen as most employers will know you probably hardly remember any of it), but quals are unlikely to help beyond your job choice in the army. once your in, you could have 7 degrees but if your a websters soldier, and poo at your job, dont expect to get promoted at a high rate of knots.