P-Company pass/fail

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by rbarnes182, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. What happens if you fail P-Company the first go for a new recruit do u get to do it again and again till you pass or will they redirect you to another regiment?
  2. Dunno if its different for para's but for basic infantry i was told you have 3 goes at it and thats it.
  3. If you fail you are shown the door, these days allowed to fail on two of the tasks but fail the third and you are out. The idea of these courses is too see if you are willing to go through that pain barrier to get your wings and beret, they want to see if you have what it takes to be a paratrooper and this does not mean they will allow you to keep trying until you can scrape a pass. Just think they have hundreds more young men waiting for the next course who could well do better than you so why should they pass you if you can't cut it. Tough but that the Paratroopers for you
  4. It sounds like there's worry in your mind; P-Company is something you really have to attack like a bull at a gate - its so uncomfortable it makes sense to only do it once. Dont sign up thinking 'what if I fail,' sign up fully intending to win your beret.
  5. plenty of time till i join up im just curious, im 17 an the mo im already a member of a gym and consider myself quite fit just need to work on running long distances, I am starting the training program next week that is on the army website, this should get me into shape and used to running long distances, your right about being determend to get the beret and badge
  6. Good luck, work hard and 'standbyyyy GO!'
  7. If you really want to get in, then you must put a lot of WORK into your fitness.Your social life takes a back seat and you show some dedication to achieving your goal to become a Para,no half measures.

    Ex 2 Para
  8. I'm sure you've posted a thread on this before and have had answer's and i strongly agree to what Tartanjock says as regards to training before you join! as for being shown the door straight away there are a few cases where recruits have attempted again after failure talking from a para recruit point of view not all arms p coy!!
    But i'm not suggesting this is always the case due to the maintenance of certain standards of para recruits!
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    You could always join 49 Para 8)