P Company, obstacle course?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by JK_Easy, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Easy

    50/50 decision here..

    the only thing thats stopping me from applying for the paras is the high obstacle course, it daunts me!

    i'm not generally scared of hights.. not attall! and im buzzin about applying.. i just don't want to make a fool out of myself.

    Anyone here in p company? please give us a bit of confidence, a bit on the inside..

    Just a bit more information about it.. cheers!
  2. its only 6 foot off the ground, the videos you see are just to put off the wannabees
  3. 6ft of the ground?

    you sure?

    i've seen pictures, they look about 20ft high.
  4. You will never know unless you do the course will you ??
  5. er....

    if a bit of scaffolding daunts you, how are you going to handle being buffeted around in a vomit tank for several hours before being hurled out into the slipstream?

    might want to rethink i do believe...
  6. If you hang around a bit, Fally will put you right, however dont tell him you were thinking also of joining the Marines.
  7. i've never heard about a vomit tank for several hours? how long in the training do we have to do this?
  8. oh if i remember the vomit tank is on week two?? its okay you just get shaken up for about 2 hours to simulate rough air
  9. Yep Fally the machine should be able to put you right on this one. Personally I think I would be more scared of failure than falling off, but then again I haven't done it. I plan to get myself on a insight course soon though.
  10. It is easy mate, although the illusion jump is quite cheeky and requires a leap of faith!
  11. Done a leap of faith before, jump of a platform and have to grab on to a bar at the end. It was part of a aerial confidence course, didnt find that too bad, but suppose I did have ropes.
  12. Only three people fell off when I did it and they are all still breathing as far as I know, it didnt help me in the longrun I still got a standup fail.

    Edited to add sorry it was four but I only fell off the cargo net jump so was in a fit state to go back up.
  13. A potential para scared of heights? nice
  14. What is the purpose of the trainasium? Serious question, not a wah! I can understand the heights bit in relation to jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but I still don't get the point of it...